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    Current Username: The_Network
    Username when banned: The_Network
    UUID: 8a9515fc-3bcc-4638-96ee-ed6c96605298
    Your punishment tracker link:
    Banned By: GodsDead & Admins

    Unban Appeal

    I will be keeping this short and sweet, as I know this is something we’ve preferred from players.

    Hi all. It’s been about 4 years or so since my removal from staff and ban from the server.

    I do regret my actions that occurred during the money/item dupe scandal and my part in it. I would hope to be given another chance on the server and to experience the 1.18 update with my friends (I read the blog post, great job on that). I know my assets were removed during my ban, which is fine. I just want to experience the server again with my friends and the community, even with no items.

    Gods: I am really sorry for betraying your trust, you were a mentor to me – I hope you can forgive me for my actions and possibly get on good terms again.
    Smokey and Vape: I regret acting childish towards you two, you only had the best intentions for the community. My ego got in the way of that..
    The Staff: I heavily regret my misconduct whilst being staff, I hope the staff image remained in tact as it did before I was removed.

    Thank you.


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    I personally think the network should be forgiven it has been four years and deserves a chance to check out the current stage of the server and shows remorse in his appeal

    Former leader of scamming sailors and raiding them
    Has experience in running from the cops
    Has raided lots of chungeses per-

    Former leader of Rome|
    Former advisor and leader of copt|
    Founder and Ceo of being better then you|

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    Hello The_Network, i dont know you and i dont want to, so please refrain from coming back.

    Sincerely, DeimosWreck

    Current DDoSer

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    I was notified by my friends this was posted. I’ve logged on just to say that I did not write this. Nor do I request to be unbanned, I have moved on from Minecraft and do not wish to stir up any controversy or whatever. All that has been said between those involved in my removal from the server may lie in rest, it is history. Feel free to close this thread staff.

    To whoever made this fake appeal, please politely buzz off.

    Thanks, I hope everyone is well.

    ~ A real pirate I guess. ~
    ~ Rear Admiral of PirateCraft ~
    ~ Leader of The Coalition ~
    ~ Member of The Asylum ~
    ~ Co-Leader of The Seagulls ~
    ~ Deckie of Angels ~

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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