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    After diligent translation, I have taken the first dusty, fragile and hard to read manuscript and translated it. Here is that manuscript.  I have also attached the written copy. I hope this sheds more light on the faith of the Brotherhood of Ender, Watcher of the Void.
                                                 Scroll 1: The Beginning of All

    In the Beginning, was the Creator.

    Before Him, was Nothing, and Nothing was before Him.

    Out of His great Love, He made the All that Is. 

    And into this, He created three realms for the three races.

    Into the top realm, known as the overworld, all sorts of creatures were places that enjoyed the soil, and the sun, the rain, the sky, and the sea that He placed there, this then is the first race.

    Next, into the middle realm, known as the Nether, He created a place of punishment, for those who shunned the path He set before them, and showed not the Love He has given, to their fellow creatures.

    Finally, the last was a special place of refuge, of silence and peaceful meditation, a place shrouded in mystery, known as the End. And into this realm was placed His creatures known as the Endermen.  The size and scope of this realm is known only to the Creator and the Endermen, as well as their purpose and mission.

    Alas, it came to pass that one of the Creator’s mightiest helpers, betrayed Him and when discovered, banished to the Nether. Not to be content, this evil one, set about to create creatures and devices to destroy all that the Creator had made. His name was Jemalchek, the Dark One, The Bringer of Shadows, hater of the Light.

    All manner of foul things were manifested by him, and with his powers, created means of transport so as to spread his wickedness. At first this was confined to just his creatures, but in time, he began to move himself.  He also mastered the means of transforming himself into a hideous dragon.  His plan was to let himself loose upon the overworld and the End, to destroy that which the Creator loved the most.

    He chose to try and get into the End at first, but the Creator anticipated this and created an in-between place and sealed the End. The Dark One was trapped in this realm beyond the End, beyond even what is known as the Void.  He is always trying to break through the Void and into the End.

    But the Endermen, watch. Wait, and Watch. For when his strength is enough that he does tear through and appear, the Creator has given them the strength and means to contain, kill, and send the dragon back.  This then is part of their mission, to defend the three realms from the Dragon.

    This then is the story of the beginning of All, of the war of Good versus Evil, and of the role of each in their own realm. Thus the three realms are in balance, the Good holds the Evil at bay, and the harmony of the All is complete, despite the wickedness of the Dark One.

    For the Creator has a plan and a path for each, according to their kind, and a place for us when we are done with this life.  For from the dust of the Void we were created, and to the dust of the Void shall we return.  Nothing gained, nothing lost, all as one, All in balance and harmony. Created from the dust of stars, eternal, yet fleeting, fragile, yet infinite.

    There shall be a day when a prophecy will be revealed, a time of change, a time for ridding All from Evil, when finally the Creator can live among his creatures and commune with them in peace and love.

    Thus ends the Scroll of the Beginning of All.

    peace to all.


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    Brother Kanube, head of the Order of St. Ender, Watcher of the Void
    ~~~~~ from the dust of the void all is made, and to the void it returns~~~~~

    Blu Pearson
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    Nice Brother Kanube, can’t wait to read what the next translated scroll reveals.

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    I really enjoyed reading it, great work.


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