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    Its back! After 5 hours of building, looking through many images on the forums, along with Galaxy’s video of the ship battle that took place in February/March, the Phantom Sovereign is back to her former glory.

    Here are some before and after pictures:

    Main Deck:

    Lower Gun Deck:

    For new players who don’t know anything about this ship; it was the ship owned by Phantom, and built by Browe (I think). She took part in two major ship battles, both organised by Browe himself, coming out as victorious in both cases (although she suffered moderate damage after the second battle). Shorty after the battle, she was acquired by Astrobolt, who subsequently blew her up or something (no idea, I wasn’t there). All I know is that he got hold of the ship in a good condition, and she ended up looking… er… a bit worse. As for her future, I don’t know. Astrobolt still owns her, but I believe a few people are interested in buying/using her (including myself :3).
    Due to her sentimental value, I did not charge anything for her reconstruction, despite the amount of materials I spent fixing her up. Ideally, I’d like to see her in some more ship battles at some point.
    If anyone else has a large ship that is damaged/outdated and would like it upgraded or fixed, please send me a /mail in game and I’ll see what I can do, I won’t charge much.

    Link to Galaxy’s video that I used (worth a watch):

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    How did it not sink, when there was so much damage done?

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    How did it not sink, when there was so much damage done?

    it got blown with tnt while not piloted

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    Awesome job on resurrecting her Max!

    For anyone interested, The Sovereign was actually my first ever ship on this server back when I was a deckhand (I was ambitious idk xD) – and was initially the HMS Sovereign while I was in the British Empire, although she never left the safety of port.

    Skip ahead a year or so and I left Templars to pursue piracy. She got a new set of black sails and was renamed the Phantom Sovereign. I think her first victim was Shay, who sailed out in his Indiaman to protect Ae0s when he was BE; the wreck is still in the water next to the HMS Victory. Then a few more Ship to Fort encounters… fighting Shay again at one of his outposts, broadsiding Aeos, fighting alongside TAS against the combined British, Elven and Apple crews at the ‘Battle of the Thames’ and then the ship battles Max mentioned. All in all, she had a good run, and I hope her new owner puts her to good use blowing s*** up!

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    i swear, we need like massive ship battles that are not staged, but like done on random, would be a bit fun just to have a mix of ships fighting each other, sadly 2 things, one, no one likes to do so, 2, ships are slow, yet it would be fun to have a battle or two every so often


    Ic3y ;]
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    classic hardtimez ^


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