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    Hello people of the world,

    This is the Queen, our glorious empire the Elven Empire has had many issues in its past history. With unloyal subjects and to spies who seeked our peoples utter end. To that we had to end the days of our empire long ago, but now the time has came once again for our empire to rise up from the bloodshed, to rise up from all forms of destruction and to be stronger than we were before.

    With the support of our friends, our true friends who will be by our side the entire way, the elves will be there for them when they have no one else.

    Word from our head Ambassador MadHatterSupreme
    We have spent time experimenting with different forms and systems, each one successful in their own way, but never truly as grand as the original state. So, we should return to our roots, to stop the turmoil of a constantly shifting crew, being reborn under different names and faces, which has confused our allies, and cannot rival the peace of a solid, lasting crew, as we once were. We intend to become as dependable as we first were, a backbone to the server alongside the Commonwealth of Nations, and our main ally the British Empire.
    With this declaration of our initial resurrection i say to you all the Elven Empire has returned and will remain in tact. We are supported by our true friends, ones who are not ashamed to align with us, and with the support our new government, we will not fail!

    -Elven Empire, January 20th 2017

    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire

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