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    So i’m writing here to make a complaint about the way Eisflo continuously seeks to annoy me.

    As some people might know, Eisflo landed on the same island i started building my city on. He came to me asking to be my friend, then before i knew it he started claiming and building ugly buildings, which then caused a lot of troubles for me, not only delaying my building plans, but also resulting in random attacks from several people including unicornjunk 😉

    That is now in the past and i can forgive, but as time passed he started claiming several parts of my city wall, which i don’t understand why he would do? not only that, but he e did also claim a spot in the centre of my town, refusing to remove it for me. (make note this claim is empty, there is nothing in there)

    Recently i then got him to remove his ugly house and unclaim on the top of my hill, yet he continued to claim random spots around my town, for no reason and not willing to remove the claims, so here is the point where i think he is just either claiming spots to annoy me, or he wants the honour of being a part of building my town, which couldn’t be farther from the truth, if any he stalled everything.

    Now i know he has had a pretty long history here, but i also know many people complaining about him, saying that he is generally a very annoying person, so here is what i ask:

    A punishment should be handed down on him as he has recently threatened me and my town and i don’t know if he is gonna destroy my entire island.
    B Have all the claims in my town removed, as they serve no purpose other than annoying me and stalling my projects, that means; 1. the walls around the town, which have no function. for the town other than keep creepers out 2. the central claim in my town square and the claim next to the port.

    he does have a house which he claims for his friend ravethewave, so i see it reasonable that this claim can be left alone even though this is not Eisflo’s house.

    He really needs to be stopped as it is people like him, the hattawi’s, and the recent hackers/griefers. Action is needed.

    Founder of Port Hope

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    First of all, if you want land or buildings for yourself, claim it yourself.

    This might fall under rule 5.


    A member of staff will have to look into claim abuse.

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