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    Gods, you wanted Pete to travel around the server, and I have a fun idea – The Pete Games!

    Basically, there will be several teams. Around the map, there will be, say, 30 locations. The goal is to get Pete to every single location and take a screenie of him there, and you will earn a point Also, you may NOT hide Pete in your base, or any protected zone. But it would be fun to watch people completely search the ocean for him because someone just stranded him in the middle of nowhere.. Whichever team achieves this first, wins a prize. Whichever team finishes second, receives a slightly smaller prize, and the third team gets a smaller prize. To make this not end in one day, maybe we can have a max of six points a day, which means you have a minimal 5 days for the games to finish. Hopefully, teams will be fighting on the high seas for Pete, and this will bring some excitement to the server. Also, if Pete isn’t already, make him invulnerable. Not once in my entire time he’s been in my base has he taken damage, and I really don’t want to find out.

    Now who wants to make this happen?

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    Sounds good, the one person that held him in his base and tried to sell him ruined it though, so if anyone trys to do this again, Ill make it so he cant be stolen.

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