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    Unnamed. Please Delete this Account.
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    Hallo active forum members of piratecraft! I am a member who was probably thought to have been Inactive or removed with the banning of my user, (yes, the most notable clown that you were so privlaged to have on your server). Now that I have been banned (going on one month, now) I have no need to stick around, other than to make small chat with those who are still able to play.  One word to my old crew (IF there are any active forum members and IF it hasn’t been disbanded) please keep your nubby brick arms off my crap 🙂 thanks!

    P.S if you did, then I will not stop until one way or another, I ruin your lives!!! Good day.

    Please Delete this Account and forget that it ever Existed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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