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    As of right now I think that most players already know that the event will have crate-format-like lores, and I actually had a discussion about them with some staff members and the community, Everyone wanted to have the old lores back. Some player spoke to me: “makes me want to cut my eyes with a spoon, I agree with the uniform stuff like rarity etc. but its too much.”, another helper stated: ”Tbh I’m not a huge fan of how all the items are now uniformly colored.” So after all of the discussion I decided to make a poll about who wanted to have what lores brought back. 15 players/staff members took their time and participated in the poll and the results were:

    6 people wanted to have both the event and crate lores back,

    9 people wanted to have only the event lores back,

    0 people wanted to have only crate lores back,

    0 people wanted to keep the lores as they are, uniform

    poll link:

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of the uniform colors in the crates. It was a cool addition but to add it in the event was a bit too much. I’m also not being ungrateful or anything. This is just a suggestion and the communities opinion of the event lores as they are right now. If I had the opportunity to change all of the name colors and lores in the event files I would if its too much work for Callie. Im actually very hyped for the event and items but the uniformed lores are just too much, I also believe that its actually harder to make the uniformed lores then the actual old ones, the good ol’ ‘&4&oHalloween 2021’ and the rainbow colored item names,

    Well this was all from me, have a great day and happy halloween!

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    Law school sucks

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