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    Some deckhands wanted to know how the crew was formed so instead of explaining each time i’m just going to sent this link, sorry it’s so long xD I got bored so i made a little story lol.


    A long time a go in the mists of February 2016 a small Plant grew on the Ibroian Peninsula. Plant was looking for a place to stay and a somewhere to call home. Then suddenly a player called Palmerageddon recruited Plant for his crew, the Ibroian Order. Plant went the Palmer’s island and found a hill of sunflowers. Plant built a house at the bottom of this hill, the walls were made of sand and cobblestone, a tall wood tower shot up along the right side of the house. After a few months Plants house was full of Armour, chickens , mine carts and even an underground tunnel that lead to a stone brick watch tower. After a while plant was told several times that the house wasn’t siege-proof. plant had no idea what a ‘siege’ was and couldn’t be bothered to look on the website and thought that ”siege and land claims are far to complicated for a small little plant me!”

    plant got fed up of all the mithering and set out to create a siege-proof  base that was the most siege-proof of them all! But plant would need some help! plant invited her friend Amazeballs1 to the server and they had a great time! they built information centers, shops, a very tall farm! and many other amazing structures! Plant lived on the first floor, the second floor of the base was shared and Amazeballs1 lived on the third. They would Skype almost everyday ad play piratecraft together!

    Soon after the creation of the base Plant and Amazeballs heard some news Palmer hadn’t been online as much as he used too. One day when he was online he came down from his Hill top Brick castle and told the pair that the Ibroian order would be moving the remainder of its active crew members to another crew. This crew as called TXO the Xanthian Order. So Plant, Amazeballs and another good crew friend Mande09 all moved over to the new crew. This was great, new crew! new sailor rank! everything was so fun!

    The leaders of TXO were Maximus_Terragon, Chailey and Thymen. After a while Amazeballs1 stopped playing because he was getting bored and wanted to play on different servers. Plant thought he was boring and thought Amazeballs1 was boring.  Since the crew island wasn’t as lively as it used to be plant was all alone, although plant was friends with the leaders of TXO it wasn’t the same. Plant asked if some new recruits from the crew wanted to live on the island so some did. Max, Chailey and Thymen Created a street of houses made especially for new members to live in, they also built a docks full of ships and boats. You see, all of this may seem good but every crew member the leaders recruited left after a day or two. No members stayed loyal to the crew. Plant wanted to recruit members herself to liven the island up a bit but she had no permission. Plant needed a crew of her own.

    After months and months of debating and thinking plant finally made the decision to create THE PLANT NATION. This would be a brand new start but also a great risk, would plant be able to handle running a crew? would plant have the money? Plant stopped worrying and left TXO. Going solo was hard at first but after a while plant gt the hang of it. Plant was recruiting so many players the crew was growing faster and faster. Still though, plant had the same problem. Every single member she recruited would be amazing, they would talk and create a house and after they created a house they would log off, and never log back on ever again. Plant always hoped with every new player recruited that this would be the player that stick would stick with the server and eventually become vice captain of the crew. But nobody ever did. A few players built AMAZING houses and ships and stayed with the crew for a few weeks but no matter what they would always get bored and leave.

    Some players would join the crew and build a tiny dirt house and leave without trusting plant in their claim. This means plant is stuck with the tiny dirt house on the island FOREVER . this is yet another reason plant claims the houses.


    To this day plant has been unsuccessful in recruiting a member that has been loyal to the crew and stuck with piratecraft. Plant hopes in the future that someday she will have a Vice Captain of the crew who is active just as much as plant. But for now the search continues.

    Dear people reading this:

    If you would like to see any of the build listed in this story please /msg __plant in game or use /mail. All of the builds like the sand house and TXO Lane are still standing today. Player Heads of Amazeballs1 and other crew members are available to see on the side of __plants base.

    Thanks for reading i hope to see you in-game :p

    Hi I'm _SPOOKYPLANT ( or plant for short ). I run a crew called the Plant Nation. The Plant Nations main focus is to recruit new deckhands to the server and run the peninsula which is growing my the second! Aside form all this I also work with my personal friends every now and again to run a town we are in the process of building, I also run a market stall at /warp shop if you would like to check it out!

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    For claims unused and claimed by players who have been long inactive, you should create a forum request for Claim Removal.


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    That was a lo g description to ask for people to join and stay active lol. I understand where you are coming from, I wanted to startvmybown crew but thought That I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

    This post that I posted on this post about something is probably useles information.............

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    Plant is the best player to ever touch foot on PMC.

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