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    What is the Mystery Box? A boat’s a boat, but the                                       Mystery Box could be anything… It could even be a boat!


    The Mystery Box is a revival of something I used to do back in 2016, where I would randomly select items of $50 or greater value and ask for $50 in return. The catch is that you don’t know what you’re getting. Unlike in 2016, these items will not be obtained at Cove, but in my shop at /warp shop2, first on the right, 3rd floor. For $100, you can buy a passcode and exchange it to the nearby [deviceitem] sign to open the Mystery Box itself.    Keep in mind that you need to use the passcode right away. If you don’t use it and keep it for yourself, I’ll have to set up a new passcode, rending yours unusable.

    Some prizes include:

    •  Prot 4 Books
    •  Blank diamond armor
    •  Slime
    •  Diamonds
    •  Horse Armor
    •  Feather Falling 4 Books
    •  Enchanted Diamond Picks
    •  Diamond Swords
    •  Valuable building supplies

     … And more!

    Be careful, though. It’s very rare, but you COULD end up with a joke prize. These include:

    •  “The Funk” – A Mighty Boosh reference. Just a named pufferfish.
    •  “Schrödinger’s Cat” – 4 vials of poison 2 with a copy of the music disc “Cat” in the center.
    •  “Knockback Madness” – Yeesh, nobody wants knockback 2.



    So if you’re willing to take a gamble for $100, stop on by! Only a 5% chance of losing!


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