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    A murmur arose in the West…. The King of Silent Hill has returned

    After months of inactivity during which multiple members were griefed by a former member, Silent Hill was battered, but unbroken. What it needed was its King, for the throne had been vacant for far too long. In the middle of September, the King made his entrance. He came back to a weakened crew; nonetheless, many members had stayed loyal during his inactivity. In a heartwarming reunion, he walked the streets of Vána Selanda with RCE23ERAU for the first time in months. The city remained ungriefed, beautiful as ever.

    September 14th marks the end of the 3rd Age of Silent Hill, the Dark Ages.

    And thus the 4th age begins, that of revenge and redemption.

    Palmerto has returned to the throne. Have Fear.

    King of Silent Hill
    Keeper of the Dungeon
    Purveyor of Silence
    Protector of Vána Selanda

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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