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    Disclaimer: Sorry guys, during an edit of the original post this afternoon the original post deleted itself and left us with a blank slate. Thankfully River was able to save the article and I was able to repost it here, so make sure to thank her for that. Sorry for all of you who posted before as they will not show up here.


    “The Elves Return”

    After what seemed like two months of elven inactivity the Queen of the elves, Reptaria, has returned to the server claiming to bring the elves back to their former glory. This comes on the heels of one of the greatest elven declines known yet, as to all who were on the server it seemed the elves had disappeared into the woods from whence they came. Hopefully this will bring even more excitement back to the server as the summer starts to kick into full gear bringing with it what it will. Who knows, maybe there’ll even be a war started…


    “BE Elected Offices Announced”

    Today all the offices that are to be held by the public officials of the BE were finalized and sent to the paper to be uploaded for all to see. The announcement gave us an inside look at the jobs each of these officers will be working on during their time of service and what we should look forward to in the coming months. This is what we got:

    “First of all, thank you to all that applied. It is great to see such interest among the BE population. However, there were a few applications that really stood out – and it is based on this that Taulov and I appointed our cabinet. There are a few new faces among those chosen which is good – they have been in the BE for the necessary time and are ready to move up to this stage. To all those chosen, I am looking forward to working with you.


    So without any more preamble, here are your new government ministers.


    Minister for Defence and Justice – Snapcrackplays




    Snap was chosen on the basis of his extensive prior experience of ship combat and court proceedings. He is an experienced player so has learnt how the server mechanics work in regard to defence and attack, and has shown plenty of evidence that he can capably organise our defensive and offensive policies as well as ensure the laws of the BE are upheld in a fair and unbiased manner.


    Snapcrackplay’s first project will be to organise the research into the use of guns in server combat, and his everyday duties will include helping me run some of the workshops.


    Foreign secretary – Bislo1




    Certainly the most qualified candidate, Bislo has the experience necessary to do good things from this role. He knows how to politically maneuvere and please the right people whilst demanding the most out of a situation for the BE – an essential skill for the minister who deals with foreign crews.


    Bislo’s first project will be to assess our current alliances and, if he feels it necessary, kick the CoN into action after its inactivity.


    Home secretary – Wwpl




    Wwpl is a longtime member of the BE. Having worked on the territory of Capetown alongside the player Clontron, Wwpl is familiar with organising large projects which will form the basis of his duties in this role. Wwpl is keen to work towards the continual improvement of the Empire.


    Wwpl’s first project will be to organise the construction of the arena in which we can run the games outlined in my election campaign.


    Admiral – Browe


    Whilst not strictly a government position, the Admiral is in charge of the BE’s military forces. Since it has been decided already, I will announce it here. Browe has great experience in using ships with combat in mind, and understands how to organise a group to achieve an aim. He has been working towards the completion of a Naval port and fleet in London with which we can dominate the seas of the server.


    Browe’s first project will be to organise the completion of the port and fleet, and find suitable players to join the ranks of the Navy.


    So here are the government ministers that have been decided. I will be making one small change to the running of the government – I will enforce the part of our charter that asks government members to submit a small report every two weeks detailing what they have been up to. The government members will submit this in the government forum group.”




    Be sure to visit the magnificent elven fortress of Greywatch, situated next to Donator Isle just above Shipbreaker Bay! Whether you want to have a tour around the beautiful castle, do some shopping in the castle village, or even rent a shop yourself, you’ll leave Greywatch wanting to come back time and time again!



    Are you running out of materials on the battlefield? Do you need potions? Head on over to shop 40! Cheap prices! ? */msg or /mail RiverKitty if anything is out of stock.*



    Come down to Cys’ shop at s39 (/warp shop2, second on the right) for a general store with a various collection of items from kit armor, to the largest Food shop, and building blocks to choose from! I have Sell signs on the 3rd floor, so anyone needing a quick penny (for a little bit of work) can have a look! Also will be adding a sort of seasonal stock, that changes often, so check back for new stock!


    “Quote of the day!”

    We actually had two requests for quote of the day so I will put them both in here.

    “You’re a tit.” ~ Cysteen

    ”I decided whether I was going to do it, not if it was worth doing.” ~ JohnArchaius

    "Nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te."
    -"I can live neither with you, nor without you."- ~ Uta

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