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    <h3><span id=”Article_I-_Recruitment” class=”mw-headline”>Article I- Recruitment</span></h3>
    New Elves are recruited by any leader, but particularly by the Recruiters, such as MineToad. They are then given the rank of Elven Citizen, and, if not already in possession of a home, are given one in the Gondolin Palace, on the second floor. Players can also join via the Recruitment Notice, and are also given a home in the Palace if they wish for one. The Empire will not recruit former criminals of the Empire, and those put on the blacklist by the Queen, or the Commonwealth of Nations, unless there are special circumstances.
    <h3><span id=”Article_II-_Ranks_and_Organisation” class=”mw-headline”>Article II- Ranks and Organisation</span></h3>
    The Empire is divided into four branches, the Government, the Military, the Civil, and the Citizens. An elf’s colour of rank can indicate their branch. Purple for Government Yellow for Military Green for Civil Blue for Citizens.

    <b>The Government Branch</b>

    • <i>The Queen</i>-she has supreme power within the empire and is able to recruit, create and end alliances and rivalries and also command all elven members to do her bidding.
    • <i>The King</i>-he’s equal to the queen and holds the same powers as his wife.
    • <i>The Archchancellor</i>– he is the monarchs’ deputy and may wield their power in their absence. He is also the head of all brewers in the crew.
    • <i>Princes&Princesses</i>– they may act using the sovereign’s authority and are equal in powers with them.
    • <i>Royal advisors</i>– the personal advisor to the Queen or King informing them on all actions and acting as a parent figure in a sense but understands the respect and boundries to the crown.The Royal Advisor has a permanent rank.
    • <i>Head of the guard</i>– they are in charge of equipping the army and organizing it. In times of war, they are also the supreme commander of the ground armed forces, being superior to the generals of both The Royal Guard and The Eternal Guard and responsible for coordinating actions which involve both of these army branches.
    • <i>Head of the navy</i>– they are in charge of naval base construction, managing the fleet (overseeing the building and maintaining of ships) and they are also the supreme commander of the navy in times of war.
    • <i>Ambassadors</i>-they are in charge of relations with other crews. Each ambassador is delegated to a single crew. Every ambassador has full power to negotiate with the crew he is delegated to, but with no other. Ambassadors do not have leader permissions.
    • <i>Head ambassador</i>– he leads the ambassador core and may engage in negotiations with any foreign crew. He is responsible for the activity of all ambassadors and is the one who makes everything negotiated by ambassadors official (actually creates the alliance or rivalry).
    • <i>Lord of the Law</i>– he is responsible for creating laws and revising the elven charter after consulting his fellow members. He is also responsible for enforcing the laws of the crew by organizing trials for people suspected of breaking the law.

    <b>The Military Branch</b>

    • <i>The Royal Guard</i> is an elite force, the personal guard of King Lithvather and Queen Reptaria. They answer to the Crown first and their General second, and carry out the orders of the Monarchs. They are for the protection of the King and Queen instead of the Empire as a whole. It will typically will be a far smaller organisation than the Eternal Guard. Their General is second to only the monarchs themselves and the Head of Guard in the respects of command of the Royals, and the Royals answer to him before any other figure that is not a monarch.The general of the Royal Guard may appoint officers of this branch aa he sees fit. The current General is Bullk5.
    • <i>The Eternal Guard</i> protects the entirety of the Empire, and will respond to attacks on all settlements, instead of just Gondolin. They are obliged to help any Elf that asks for aid, and can be commanded by any leader or captain. It is a much larger outfit than the Royals, but similar to the Royals, their General’s orders can only be overruled by the Monarchs and the Head of Guard. The General can appoint Officers of the Eternals, as he/she wishes. A new general is needed. They also may be known as Elven Soldiers.
    • <i>The Army Officer Core</i> is composed of Sergeants, Lieutenants and Captains, in ascending order of power.
    • <i>The Naval Fleet</i> is the Elven Navy, those who the Elves turn to on all situations involving marine warfare, whether they be friendly ship battles, or rival encounters. As of the moment, they are lead by Admiral Lukukies, and are building up a Fleet, working closely with the Elven Engineers and Elven Suppliers.
    • The backbone of the navy is represented by Elven sailors who are led by the <i>Navy Officer Core</i> composed of: Lieutenants, Captains and Commodores, in order of power starting with the lowest in command.
    • <i>The Intelligence Office</i> is tasked with recording events on the wiki, keeping all members up to date via the website, and learning current news. They also are charged with keeping crime non existent within the empire, by reporting all crime to _Iridus_ and the Eternal Guard. They are recruiting, and looking for members.

    <b>The Civil Branch</b>

    • <i>Province Inspector</i>– They are responsible for the activity of all governors in their province. They oversee city activities and must provide a report of the Province’s development and activities every 2 months or whenever requested by the elven council.
    • <i>Governor</i>– They are in charge of leading a specific settlement. Their responsibilities are managing buildings and expansion of their town, organizing a local defence force when needed, coordinating the residents of their settlement to the good of the empire and (?)collecting taxes from their residents.
    • <i>Banker</i>– they’re in charge of keeping all collected taxes or fines and managing a vault in which all community resources( donated or obtained via fines) are kept. They’re also responsible for granting resources to builders that have obtained approval for a project. In order to be appointed as a banker, a player must not have any criminal records within the EM. All withdrawals and deposits handled by the banker will be logged by the use of a withdrawal sheet which will be kept in two copies- one will be kept by the player withdrawing or depositing and one by the Elven Archives .
    • <i>Harbour Master</i>– responsible for managing and building harbors and naval bases in close cooperation with the Head of the navy.
    • <i>The Elven Suppliers</i> are tasked with supplying the nation, whether this be by brewing, ship-building, farming or mining. They are the backbone of the empire, keeping them fully equipped and prosperous. They also are in charge of fund raising, via running shops, and keep a percentage of the profit. They are currently recruiting, and looking for members. They’re split up into multiple ranks according to their profession:
      • Blacksmith– responsible for gathering the resources needed for the making of weapons, armor and tools and creating said items.
      • tradesman- in charge of maintaining shops either at /warp shops or anywhere else they see fit. They are allowed to sell from the community’s items, but must provide a report at the end of each month detailing what items were sold and what profits were made in the previous month.
      • Bar Keeper- in charge of getting food and building farms and also responsible for brewing potions and brews under Lord_Vanther’s supervision.
      • Builder- they must help in projects anywhere around the empire. Their first priority are local projects and then they can help out in any other imperial projects.  They are free to start their own projects, but if they need financing from the empire, they must apply by making a post detailing their build idea in this forum.

    <h3><span id=”Article_III-_Laws_and_Rules” class=”mw-headline”>Article III- Laws and Rules</span></h3>
    <b>Section 1</b>

    Theft– will be punished as follows: The offender must return the stolen items. On first offence, an extra fine of 40-100$ will be charged or a warning handed out if the item stolen is of negligible value. On second offense, the fine will range from 80-140$. The third offence will be punishable by death or kicking from the crew. Theft is a crime only if committed against a fellow elf or against an ally of the empire ( which may be official or declared by the queen)

    <b>Section 2</b>

    Killing– is punishable by a fine of 80-150$ on first offence, 160-300 on second offence and expulsion and adding to the CoN blacklist and elven KoS list on third offence. Killing neutral players is not punishable unless they enjoy protection by the crown.

    <b>Section 2.5</b>

    Allied killing– is punishable by the same means as killing a fellow crew mate. The leaders of the allied crew may decide additional punishments if they deem them necessary. This section extends not only to crews officially allied to the EM(which are allies in the crew plugin), but also to crews which the queen has declared to be allies, even if there isn’t an official treaty binding the alliance.

    <b>Section 3</b>

    If an Allied Nation is to be convicted into warfare the elven empire has the liberty to intervene to help its ally in the conquest to end and solve the warfare happening between its lands. The Elven Empire has the ability to use hostile actions against the pirate crew or nation that has committed the attack. If the allied nation ignited the attack against another land or crew the Elven Empire will not intervene unless requested to by the Government officials of that land.

    <b>Section 3.5</b>

    Foreigners getting into the EM territory– will need an elven passport which is issued by the Lord of the Law. A tax will be paid by the player who wants a passport made. Passports are valid for 5 (five) real days.(24h per)

    <b>Section 4</b>

    Military-civil relationships– Guards are mainly a defense force for the elves, and if you join the armed forces, you must remain with them for at least two weeks. This is to ensure the protection, and safety of the empire. If a player notices the breaking of a law, he must report it on the forums or directly to the Lord of the Law in-game.

    <b>Section 5</b>

    Corruption- The punishment for corruption, the act of using a position for illicit purposes, is a fine of $400 to $500 and an optional expulsion. If the corruption badly harms the Empire, they may be placed on the Kill on Sight list.

    <b>Section 6</b>

    Treason- The act of direct betrayal to the Crown or to the Empire is a grave crime, and is followed by instant expulsion, and a placement on the Kill on Sight list. This applies to the betrayal of crucial information to the enemy, the attempt to overthrow or kill a monarch, an attempt to dissolve the Empire or harm its citizens on a mass scale, or assist an enemy.

    <b>Extra Mentions</b>

    Each governor may set additional laws for their settlement as they see fit. These laws must not contradict any part of this Charter All fees can be also paid in diamonds at the rate of 1 diamond=8£. All punishments must be fulfilled within 7 real days(24 h each) starting with the day on which the sentence was given.
    <h3><span id=”Article_IV-_Voting” class=”mw-headline”>Article IV- Voting</span></h3>
    The Elven Empire is a monarchy, and Reptaria holds an ultimate power over it. Yet, voting is commonly used to determine the public’s view and aims, allowing them to have a voice in the running of the Empire. All Elves have one vote in the public voting, and all members of the Elven Government group have a vote when the voting is more selective. This voting will be held via comments on the website, online surveys for maintaining anonymity, or ingame via chat or the bulletin board. A vote can be called for by any elf, and Reptaria will then hold the vote. Unless if the vote is called for by over three members of the Empire, then Reptaria can cancel the vote, if they see fit.
    <h3><span id=”Article_V-_War” class=”mw-headline”>Article V- War</span></h3>
    War can be declared by the king/queen, the Head Ambassador or by vote of the other leaders, needing at least 50% +1 of the number of leaders to be in favour. Once at war, emergency powers can be granted by a majority vote of the leaders. Emergency powers allow government officials to make swift decision without consulting their piers. The only powers that are not granted by the emergency powers are disbanding the crew, ending the war or cancelling allies. A war may be ended by the king/queen or head ambassador only after holding a vote in which all elves can take part.
    <h3><span id=”Treaty_of_Lan” class=”mw-headline”>Treaty of Lan</span></h3>
    This treaty is to be applied before hostile relations with an empire or even war itself is upon the Elves. This treaty is to try to call a cease of communication for a maximum of 9 days until relations cool down.
    <h3><span id=”Abolishment_treaty.” class=”mw-headline”>Abolishment treaty</span></h3>
    If a nation allied to the Elves has a state criminal, then they are required to return the criminal to Elven custody, if this treaty is applied. Criminals in possession before this treaty is applied are not required to be returned to the Elves.


    Reptaria~Queen of the Elves

    TheHattedHatter~Prince Head Ambassador

    Iridus~Lord of the Law

    CookieCarl~Elven Lord


    21.02.2017 <b></b><i></i><u></u>

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