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    Hello My name is Odin Gungnir – Maxx to my friends. I have been here for some time. Several months ago I had to leave for a tour over sea with the military. Every day I was gone I long to return to play Pirate craft with my son Thor and my wife eilfy81.
    this server had some troubles but nothing that couldn’t be worked out. There where some very big people playing that had a lot of money and power. Karim and  Saraphim both controlled large plots and commerce throughout the  game.

    Unfortunately there was a falling from grace if you will , Power does that and both have been ejected from the game.  Claims have been removed wealth abandoned and of course the painful truth that the economy is choking on its own blood.

    Now normally an economy can be rebooted when a few things happen.

    Supply and demand are nurtured with commerce.
    Business is allowed to excel and build
    patrons can shop and exchange goods without being killed

    Now what has happened is none of the above.
    Warps that contain resources are being made into killing fields
    commerce is being targeted as a place for easy pickings.

    So besides the obvious I am calling for leaders of CREWS true leaders that enjoy and love this game and server to stand up and lend a hand to repair the broken society that I am seeing.

    Now I do not have all the answers but I have some.

    1. Mutually Create an area for commerce to be rented that is mutually owned by  several crews of sorts.
    2. Protect said area with laws governed by pirate law and sanction.
    3. punish those that break those laws with banish or death or jail.
    4. Create a commerce Crew that involve builders suppliers and sellers and maybe enforcement.

    Now in now way am I saying that raiding or highway robbery are not still allowed we are pirates for damn sake. The only safe area per say should be the area of rented commerce..roads in and out and supply lines are free to open piracy.

    Once you re-connect the economy to its true pulse, it will tout the beginning of bigger raids stronger foes and of course reattach the love of the game…
    In ending I am asking for Godsy to step in a little and provide any wisdom he may have to this concept and anyone else of course …Thanks for your time and hopefully this will spark the big bang of economies.

    ~I whip MA Skull Back and Forth

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    I like that idea

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    Me too, fairness is not the pirate way though. Becoming a safe place other than spawn has pros and cons. Mostly pros. I respect your idea and removing blood baths could be a good idea. There is an idea I have been thinking of. Trade chests. You put in your item, and the other person puts in Theres and then you swap! BANG! You could just add a sky shop, or make warp city more than skydiving…


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    Gods is working on the economy.. Few know what his plans are though, so all we can do is wait..

    Founder of Port Hope

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    Indeed. Gods has said many times that he has huge plans.

    A promise made is a debt unpaid.
    -Robert W. Service

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    CoV… enough said.

    "Nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te."
    -"I can live neither with you, nor without you."- ~ Uta

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    well If gods has stated something  is in the works I haven’t seen that here on the forums maybe I missed it somewhere. If godsdead could chime in maybe please to put those at ease that something is being done.



    ~I whip MA Skull Back and Forth

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