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    Now, this will come with, “It’s crap, I hate it, no questions,” But what if… I covered it in old game pixel art! Like Kirby, Mario and all that, I’ve done it before :D, I just ask nobody blows the pixel art up, because it’ll be made out of wool, and you’ve all seen my box, some of you are unfortunate enough to see the inside, but if you do blow up the wool, you will just meet stone, nothing to hide there. I have already began this process with the “Anonymous” face on there, it took me about 5-7 minutes. Any other suggestions you have for the box other then “REGEN IT!” or “DRAG IT TO THE VOID” or “IT’S SO ***** I’M GONNA DIE!” or… “Blow it up and quit you noob!” I’ll admit, I didn’t think too much when I made it (cadet-sailor mind you) that’s my fault, but honestly, it takes a really long time to build something that size in survival.

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    put a laurel wreath on it,%20First%20Emperor.
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    odi, if u dont want it to be blown up use stained clay 😛


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