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    So you’re interested in becoming part of the Blackmoon Pirates, eh?

    Well there is a small process that goes into, becoming one of the most Bad*** things on the SEA.

    Here are the steps to begin your change from a milk-drinking landlubber to a rum-gorging, vodka-enhaling, waterwalking Beast of the Oceans.

    Step 1. Write a post about yourself, in this thread. It should have the following format.

    [IGN]: ____________________
    [Specialties and Preferences]: ____________________
    [Reason for wanting to join]: ____________________
    [Have you read the Articles]: ____________________

    Step 2. Talk to me.

    This can be on the forums or on the server. Either way, I want to know you, before you join. I’d rather not have a dead weight in the group, if possible.

    Step 3. Be honest and trustworthy.

    ‘Nough said.

    Good luck!
    Pirate King
    Blackmoon Pirates

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    Do ye have any crew members to start with?(not planin’ on joinin’, just askin’)

    Captain of the Pirate Crew Black Clover

    See ya maties either behind my cannons or in their line of fire

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    [IGN]: xXxshadowninjaxX

    [Specialties and Preferences]: idk

    Reason for wanting to join]: need a town and would like to join this one

    [Have you read the Articles]: yes

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    @TheShadowPirate Welcome aboard dude!

    Yeah, but it was mostly on other servers. I wasn’t able to be as committed to those servers as I would have liked, so I had to close down the clan for a period of time.

    Afterwards, I decided to stop messing around in the little leagues and try to form a group on a legit pirate server. So, here I am.

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