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    Ahoy ye Slimy Gits!! Are ye MAN ENOUGH T’ JOIN The Black Diamond?? This post ‘ere be the requirements to join the crew. Now get workin’!!


    – You’d have to have the Sailor rank by the very least! We don’t accept random Deckhands!! Let’s us know yer Committed!

    – You’d have to be very active, always there when needed.

    – You’d have to HAVE Teamspeak 3. We’re always using teamspeak it makes communication faster. Havin’ a mic is optional but it is preferred.

    You’d be in the crew but not a fully fledged member.
    That’s just Phase 1

    Phase 2 will be mostly done in game.

    Some rules I’d like to state:

    #1: No Mutiny. Yer Mutiny would be useless, because I have fleet. I’d have another ship at the ready to chase ya. I’d rather see the ship at the bottom of the ocean than in the hands of someone else.

    #2: Be Mature.

    #3: Role-Play on the ship.

    #4: Drink Rum, ONLY!

    #5: Have fun.

    #6: Take what ye can! Give Nothin’ Back!

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    Captain of the Pirate Crew Black Clover

    See ya maties either behind my cannons or in their line of fire

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