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    Today 3/14, was the day that pirate crafts greatest player was born! This pirate marks one of the most deadliest pirates in pirate craft history. He owns all of the most valuable items in the game and even some we dont know about. My introduction to this pirate starts about 3 years ago, right off the sandy shores of /warp south. At the time Rex was starting to get alittle to full of himself and decided to take on DriftingSixGuns in a 1v1. When Rex got quick dropped 3 times we decided that we needed to personally talk to this man. Rex and I were dropped into a call with Joshua_jones, Drifting, and MysticTitan. We were thinking “Who could be in-charge of a pirate so strong” It was none other than MysticTitan. Leader of Titans Hand and beholder of the Souless Saber MysticTitan welcomely invited us into Titans hand. After fighting Mystic multiple times it was time to learn from the greatest.

    Mystic, Drifiting, and Jones made it their personal goal to help us get better and better at pvp. Mystic growing stronger in power through his riches and crew members, was making a crew stronger then anyone else. Mystic had a very strong reputation for himself and it still grows to this day. Him being friends with everyone on this server has made a very pleasant pirate craft experience for me.

    That was my story about how I met MysticTitan. It is his birthday today and I strongly encourage you to write about the first time you met the beast himself MysticTitan. It would be cool if we could start a little thread for his bday so please share!

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