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    Current Username: NotAFascist
    Username when banned: Moossolini
    UUID: db383cd5f6c94fd4bb7dc45cc09239d5
    Your punishment tracker link: https://bans.piratemc.com/index.php?action=viewplayer&player=Moossolini&server=0
    Banned By: GodsDead

    I did a big bad two years ago. I’m sorry for the hassle that I’m sure I caused for everyone. Hopefully I can come back and say hi to everyone again? Obviously I don’t expect much but honestly I just want to say hi to folks again and see how everything’s changed.

    Cheers 🙂

    Unban Appeal

    A promise made is a debt unpaid.
    -Robert W. Service

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    The Clown (on leave until further notice)

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    Wow, 2 years of ban, damn bro I wouldn’t have been able to wait for that long


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    You posted a non-working punishment tracker URL as you changed your name to NotAFascist. Working Link to new username.

    Which Links to the back story behind the ban.


    To Moossolini

    I have never had ill will to you, even after I caught this 2 whole years ago, I was honestly at the time just massively disappointed about the breach in trust.

    As far as I can remember you enjoyed being part of the community, calling PirateCraft home, and then just burned all bridges out of the blue. People can see your record shows you were not toxic from years of playing so as this ban goes there’s no issue there at all, the ban stands entirely on your actions generating a million in-game money out of thing air on a stable player run economy. To make this in-game money properly would take actual years (Maybe as long as your ban).

    You’re most likely aware that we auctioned off all your assets/claims etc like a government would in real life to reclaim some of the lost funds but never got back from you what you took, so the slate was never cleared. This is where its hard to make a decision, as a player and part of the community I see no issue in letting you back on, but as a server owner that had my trust in you broken and causing us a weeks of work doing damage control this ended up causing staff a lot of stress having to solve the issue created.

    2 years is a long time to be offline, and this is a decision I cant take lightly, so no black and white answer just of yet, this will be a joint vote in moderation chat.

    Context for People that are not NotAFascist/Moossolini that don’t know the story:

    I’m betting you’re too lazy to read this forum thread so the TLDR is; NotAFascist/Moossolini was trusted with the staff role “builder”, which had permission to update cove, along with the ability to edit signs, which they used to steal £1,000,000 in-game balance.

    • Topics: 13
    • Replies: 101
    • Total: 114
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    Thank you for considering the appeal! I know that all my stuff got wiped or sold off and I honestly hope that it at least reconciled some of the damage that I did. What I did was selfish and I completely understand how you feel in regards to how I abused the rank I was given and betrayed the trust of not just you but to the community as a whole. For all of this I’m deeply sorry. I have no ill will towards anyone and I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t thought about everyone here for the past two years.

    I miss you all and I appreciate everything being done right now <3

    A promise made is a debt unpaid.
    -Robert W. Service

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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