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    Bug Reporting!


    Hello Fellow Pirates! My name is Nahadoth, and I want to know some of the bugs and glitches you have ran into on the server. Its been a while since I made any videos of glitches or bugs occurring on the server. The reason this is useful is developers tend to believe their plugins are perfect and without proper documentation of the issue, Godsdead does not have any way to help the developers fix the issue. So please leave below a description of the bug and how to duplicate it, as well as how often it occurs. I already know about getting caught in water, or issues with knock back under water. I made a previous post about this that was submitted, and I will make an updated video soon. Any bugs that you would like to be fixed, instead of informing gods about them, please provide them below. It can be very taxing on Gods to constantly hear “this thing doesn’t work fix it” without any documentation.

    Thank you so much for all of your assistance.

    ~Please use the format below to describe the bug~


    Bug being reported: (Water glitch, door glitch, rubber banding, so on)

    Frequency it occurs: (Does it happen every hour, every 10 minutes)

    When does it occur: (During PvP, when your building, mining, so on)

    What should be occurring: (Should you be able to brake something, walk, swim, so on)

    What currently occurs: (Instead of breaking a block you simply can’t see it, you get rubber banded when swimming, etc.)

    Extra Notes: (Say any information you think will help, any screens or maybe a video if you can. Anything extra you think will help say it here)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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