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    Current Username: Sythodom
    Username when banned: Sythodom
    UUID: 79b9ae9a-61c0-471f-b2e8-a98915c70216
    Your punishment tracker link: https://bans.piratemc.com/index.php?action=viewplayer&player=Sythodom&server=0
    Banned By: Bazurka

    Greetings, i’m sythodom and i’ve been banned for advertising.

    How did i get here? While i was rallying up my fellow citizens & allies to teach them the basics of combat and how to defend yourself i said the IP of the server we were going to practice on and prepare for some inevitable and upcoming raids by romich and his crew and this got me muted for 1.5 hours, after i got muted i went on with my daily PMC business i built some stuff, killed some raiders and last but not least admitted by mistake in alliance chat and promised to not say an IP next itme.

    It was all fine and dandy and no rules were broken for the duration of the mute and afterwards but then i got permanently banned i was understandably upset and messaged bazurka asking him what just happened? He told me no admins with ban powers were there so i got banned few a hours later and then i furthermore explained the context and the story of what happened and he encouraged me to make an appeal a day after the incident.

    Now PMC admins, i’d love to return to PMC and help my nation interms of the art of fighting and also build that cool roman villa i’ve always been wanting to build.

    It was an honest mistake  that didn’t hurt the server & the people in any way, and you also have my apologies i’m a fast learner of rules and i won’t do anythin’ like this again.

    PS : Change my name on this new forum account to Sythodom & Profile Picture to my skin

    Sincerely, Syth~

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    you have 4 punishments in 2020 which is when you “returned” to the server. Obviously Bazurkas punishment of banning you is reasonable after 4 mutes. You talk way to much  in chat and thats how you get all youre punishments. You actually advertised twice, One in main chat and the other trying to convince people to play a different server.  Advertising is taken super seriously here and a permanent ban fits perfectly. You should also know better from being a “older player” im surprised you didn’t see that coming.

    Advertising example; Make sure everyone plays mc.piratemc.com!

    thats the only thing that should be said.


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    seen it all, ive been here since 06/06/2014

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    I’m not sure i’ve seen you before and about me talking too much in chat, i’m afraid you’re mistaken.

    Never have i insulted someone in chat or been toxic, i’m only sarcastic and joking to my fellow pirates, i’m afraid you’re also wrong about me advertising twice as i’ve only done it one time which was on accident very recently, you don’t really know i am or how my character is like.

    I also frankly doubt you have any evidence to back up your claims at all.

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    It is your fault for not reading the rules…advertising other servers is usually quite controversial on servers

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    Aye, even though you meant to just rally your troops and practice for combat, you can’t pull our players off to other servers.
    I think you got carried away in your excitement and I will give you another chance.

    Please read our rules and follow them!


    Proud Member of the British Empire

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