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    I Have to say this server is one of a kind. The PvP and Sieging is something ive fallen in love with, and it keeps me coming back for more!

    Okay okay, so starting a YT channel based off the game-play of this server is something ive been                                   interested in doing and something ive seen people do. (Dpex) and (Galaxy) have made videos, and i love seeing piratecraft from a different angle. So to hopefully expand this server can i offer a YT rank given to people who          invest time editing and advertising the server? simply just a title given to us, nothing special.

    In terms of recording videos I needed to ask this question. Its been established that /back is NOT allowed after being killed in PvP combat. But what if its not? What if people were to /back and simply lie about it? The Proof is in the recording right?!     Is there a way to tell if someone /backs without having proof? I dont know?

    Last thing i swear, I was just in combat when I knocked someone off a tall tower and they died (of fall damage.)That person then /backs and reclaims their stuff before i have a chance to get it! is that allowed?

    -Thank you for reading!

    seen it all, ive been here since 06/06/2014

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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