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    So I’ve been with this community for along time now, and I see how great the new ACC is at detecting xrayers. While this is a great positive for the server, it pains me to see deckhands and cadets; sometimes 7 a day, get perm banned because they were careless. Now im not saying that we should give these players a free pass, I agree its a @$$ way to cheat the system and they should be punished.

    Punishments in the rules tab state this:

    <span style=”color: #555555; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;”>Punishments can be singular or a mix of the following: Kick, Jail, Warning, Temp Mute, Permanent Mute, Temp Ban, Permanent Ban, Stats & Rank reset.</span>

    Perhaps its time we take advantage of the stats and rank reset feature! I say we tempban all xrayers for a week, with warning in the ban message that they need to get rid of the pack/mod in order to play on here again. Then we just reset everything they have so its like they are playing anew. This could also help the server get 50+ online as the xrayers take up a majority of the bans.

    I am not a mod, or member of staff, this is just my suggestion as a long time player of this great community.


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    I agree with you, the issue is, once they understand how the system works they can easily bypass it. If they are caught early, we know they just plan to cheat and can get rid of them.

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    They should read the rules before or while they are on the server; they spawn with a Bible and should know that on a survival server it wouldn’t be fair to use x-ray.


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    I agree with mas. I think a perm ban shouldnt be the only way of punishment. We have jails and as he said stats reset. Why not give them another chance i mean i see alot of people complaining about the fact that they only use it on other servers or for building (which are most likely excuses but if theyre not than thats sort of a problem). Maybe they want to play on here too as it is an extremely special and fun server, but the fact that they get banned forever just for owning an xray pack not even using it is a bit odd.

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    kirn players do not get banned for having a xray texture pack, we catch them when they use it. I also agree that we loose a lot of players to cheating, But I ask do we really need players that cheat?. We as staff talk a lot about every unban request and take a lot into consideration when deciding what to do.  Yes we have a lot of different punishments we can use, just trust us when we decide. After all we only want whats best for ALL players.

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    its as simple as don’t cheat if you don’t wanna get banned

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    well 2 days ago a player that said he owned the pack and wasnt event caught using it, probably because he didnt use it and got banned, but thats for staff to decide anyways.

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    well 2 days ago a player that said he owned the pack and wasnt event caught using it, probably because he didnt use it and got banned, but thats for staff to decide anyways.

    If that player you are referring to is riccardi48 – I watched him use it a few days ago, and he admitted to have the texturepack installed. The other player I can think of on the top of my head is golden__sword – they admitted to using the texturepack on the server for building purposes. We don’t ban people for having the texturepack, we ban people for actively using it, which he admitted to doing.
    Otherwise, no idea. Staff are told to watch players, which we do, and share any findings.

    Edit: Also, each staff handles things a little differently, but we usually agree on the end result – whether to ban or unban. People always have the option to make a ban appeal, and we keep them open for at least 12 hours so the community can comment/read them, and share opinions, until we make our final decision.

    Pertaining to the actual topic:
    Things are never straight forward, I get that, but I’d like to keep the server as clean as possible. Its not just the new ones who xray, we have also lost some long-term players who thought they could get away. If you start giving the xrayers an option to come back, they’ll just get smarter. Sure some will stop, but we don’t know that. I’d rather be safe and stick to the facts than judge someone by their credibility, sorry.

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    My 2c

    IRL I have very little/no tolerance for crim’s and sh1theads so i’m no softy and I’m sure its hard enough to police things even with good tools, but I believe perm bans should be reserved for really bad or repeat offenders only. People make mistakes and misjudgments. And its kids playing a game not understanding the ramifications that make could block them from a cool gaming community the rest of their lives of a silly misjudgment. A tad harsh i think.

    If there is another way to handle it, make them redeem themselves, work off a punishment, take away there stuff plus a penalty/make them start over (although this could make them cheat again to catch up..) I would like to see some people given a second chance for things rather than a default perm ban.

    Its often that you don’t know what you have until its gone so i’m sure some of the offenders could have turned around into long term positive contributors.

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