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    What do we all hate? DRAMA! (I’m assuming it’s not just me)

    Every time someone makes a report on the forums, it is simply filled with drama. Whether it’s in the original post or with people replying, it always happens. Now, you might think this is a more recent thing due to all of the reports recently that fit the description. However, this has always been a problem. (or at least for a very long time)

    My suggestion, which is not so much a suggestion as a goal, is that we find a better way to make reports where drama is left out and there is a way for people to submit facts that will help staff decide what to do.

    One way, which I thought of because of @Chailey closing a report recently, was that all reports are closed forum topics. However, a note could possibly be made at the end of it that anyone with information should contact staff via Discord or some other platform.

    Feel free to add suggestion, give comments, ask questions, and submit concerns. My ultimate goal is that some way of doing this is implemented in the near future.

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    No wtf i love reading that crap. Its literally the reason why im still here

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    agree,I think we should also try to stop drama from forming in the first place.

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    I for one, agree.

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    What about people who don’t have discord or “some other platform”, how are they supposed to report somone if the forums is their only available option?

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    What about people who don’t have discord or “some other platform”, how are they supposed to report somone if the forums is their only available option?

    • PM staff on the website
    • Email staff using the contact form
    • Create a forum thread
    • PM staff on discord
    • PM staff in-game
    • Talk to staff on Teamspeak
    • PM on facebook
    • PM on twitter
    • PM on instagram
    • PM on reddit

    There just isn’t any way to communicate on here! *slams door!*

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