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    Hello peasants, today I would like to talk with you about Crew wars and some ideas to make people fight and pvp for their crew with a reason instead of going to warp south to show who has the bigger banana.

    So when you start a war with another crew there is no real need to fight, people tend to hide in their boxes or ask if you want to have an organized fight at warp south. But why would you fight at warp south to waste potions pearls and time to maybe get a gset or two but not actually winning a war? And I know there is /siege but people don’t really fight when they get sieged, most of the time they just hide in their box until the attacker is gone.

    So I would like to suggest a system that could  force crews to fight by typing in a command and then the 2 crews start of with the same amount of crew power and when a crew loses a fight or their members keep dying to the enemy their crew power drops. And then when their crew power hits zero it gets disbanded or something (idk what punishment would be the best). And a crew has to get kills in a certain time otherwise they will lose crew power (to make people fight). Keep in mind that a crew has to accept the war request first in order for this to happen.

    Also keep in mind that this is just a suggestion and I really don’t know if its possible to implement this into the server. So don’t get mad at me, I just think this would be very healthy for the server and would make people play more 😀



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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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