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    Hello guys! today I’ll tell you all the suggestions that Oldman (godsdead[owner]) doesn’t like and get mad after reading them.

    When will we update to 1.13?

    Add guns LOL

    Add NPC after PVP log

    Add hooks

    Change anti-cheat it sucks LOOOOL

    Add /echest for VIP

    A drinking level system (U get less drunk after u get trained at drinking)

    Allow players to use labymod,badlion client ect.

    Allow to players that get siege to build during siege period

    add a plugin that allows you to have claims on certain Y levels


    Add mcmmo

    Add buttons toggle sign

    Alarm when u finish invis (wtf guys what are those dumb idea mamma mia just watch ur screen)

    Install drugs plugin

    Have a weekend event with keep inventory ON

    Stop mobspawn at shops

    Alow shop owners to ban certain players

    Add personal lores to items


    Change ship plugin

    Add music bot on discord server

    Make an option where u can rankup with ign money


    Remove anti-cheat

    Add flying ships

    Those are all the suggestions that I found on the suggestion channel on discord feel free to reply with more bad ideas that make oldman mad.

    Another Italian tip πŸ˜‰

    If your suggestions get refused annoying old man isn’t a smart idea.




    I'm Italian and I hate Pineapple pizza.
    Lego is a good toi.

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    Yee, don’t piss off Gods or he goes from Oldman to Banman

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