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    Not going to faff around, but to anyone who is looking to make some money, here are some items that are currently selling well and those that are not. Just because something sells well (i.e, is in high demand), doesn’t mean that you’ll make a lot of money. Prices are estimates. I’m listing them as blocks, items, and other random stuff. Go sell stuff



    Money makers:

    • Stone brick at ~$1.5-$2 a stack
      • We seem to have a high demand for siege proof blocks again, and not too many people are selling stone brick, especially in bulk.
    • Coloured clay at ~$2-$3 a stack
      • No idea why, but I sold out all of my dubs real quick. Good, quick cash if you have a haste II beacon and a mesa biome
    • Iron blocks [prices keep falling]
      • Lots of people have beacons now, iron sells well, and its cheaper than ever at some shops
    • Gold blocks ~$27-$35 a block
      • Everyone loves gold
    • Wood logs, especially acacia and dark oak ~$10-$12 a stack (you can sell you Cysteen for $8 a stack)
      • Lots of people building again, and we need logs!
    • Quartz [unknown price, quite high]
      • Always sold pretty well
    • Glowstone [unknown price, quite high]
      • Again, always sold pretty well
    • Wool, any colour [unknown price]
      • Good to sell to nubs

    Not selling well (or too cheap):

    • Glass
      • Probably sells alright when sold in single stacks, but I’ve been trying to sell dubs of the stuff dirt cheap and no one wants it ;-; (54 stacks for $350)
    • Cobblestone, dirt, grass ~$1 a stack
      • We got too much of it
    • Sandstone, ~$1-$1.5 a stack (sells better in bulk, but at cheaper price)
      • Cheapest siege-proof block, what else is there to say



    Money Makers:

    • Gunpowder [unknown price]
    • Ghast Tears [a lot]
    • Music discs ~$20 a disc
      • They’re all a bit risky to farm, but if you master it, you’ll get a lot of money for it
    • Regular books/bookcases [unknown]
      • Pretty good at the moment
    • God armour ~$1300 – $1400 (but decreasing)
      • Lots of people selling this now, so expect prices to drop, but hey that’s also a good thing!
    • God swords ~$300 – $450
    • Any God tools [varies]
      • ^ both also viable options if anyone has spare tools
    • Mending and infinity bows ~$900 – $1000
      • They’re rare as you can’t make them anymore, but also sell well at the moment
    • Event swords (the ones that are useful) [varies]
      • Sell to veteran players, they’ll give you good prices for them
    • Potions: splash speed 1 and 2, splash strength 1 and 2, invis [varies, but usually around the $3-$5 per potion]
      • Keep an eye on what’s going down on the server – especially for all pvp items that people are selling. If there are lots of fights going on, these things will sell well. If not, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of useless stuff.
    • Beacons/wither heads ~$900-$1000/$300
      • Used to sell for more, but we have a lot of buyers at the moment
    • Dragon breath

    Not selling well (or too cheap):

    • Enchanted books [varies, but keeps falling]
      • Not sure about others, but this is starting to stagnate. You get more value for money just buying enchanted gear, rather than enchanting it yourself. Lots of people selling, maybe too many, so focus on other things
    • XP bottles ~$150 a stack, probably less
      • Not worth the price that some people offer. Anything under $130 is good in my eyes
    • Diamonds ~$4-$5 per diamond
      • Sound good, but the price keeps falling. Good way to make quick money, but also buy a bunch of cheap shiny things. Gold is a better investment
    • Ender pearls [unknown]
      • Seem to be cheap as hell


    Other random stuff

    Money makers:

    • End crystals
    • Certain player heads
    • Event keys
    • Large ships
    • Pets

    Mob heads – yeah don’t sell them, you won’t get much. Only rare heads will get you stuff


    Hope that helps someone

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    oh cheap ench books? COUGHCOUGHASTERITYCOUGH

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