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    It’s not that I mind so much losing my stuff in an ambush from behind by Athenmos12 while I’m peacefully mining, after all it is a pvp server. BTW; the last time I was killed in pvp it was a face to face battle with 4 players not a some guy sneaking up behind me while mining in Deep Ocean, level 12 in the middle of nowhere. Ok  so he swam out to the middle of nowhere, Deep Ocean, sank down and somehow dug into my tunnels. I worked hours to get my armor and sword over powered. I had all Pro IV, Thorn II diamond armor on. My sword was diamond Sharp V, Looting III. Even sneaking up behind me and getting in a couple of first hits as he did a guy in iron armor should not have been able to kill me like I was an unarmed, naked noob. I fought back viciously but he seamed untouched, I was not lagging. Very odd but it could happen ~ I suppose.

    I enjoy building, sailing and making new friends on PirateCraft. Getting to know guys from around the world not seeing how many swear words  I can use in one sentence or how many people I can lie to and make mad. Is that your definition of a Pirate? I personally believe Minecraft is my chance to excel at things like building, business, sportsmanship, strategy and making friends.

    We as players should aspire to a higher level of game play because at the end of the day  how we treat people in game play is how we treat people in life.

    Paul (wog)




    Alex Lazescu
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    Funny: you had me tagged to half a heart.. you did put a good fight though GG. And I saw you on live map… it was really tricky getting to you seeing as how you were underwater: but on the Live Map I aligned myself as best as I could with your character head, and I started digging down.. which almost ended badly for me. But I landed on obby close to lava, and then after a view frantic Live Map and Name searched I found you, and killed you. This is a Pirate server is it not? So why does everybody complain when I act like a pirate..

    Retired Pirate 6/25/14 -- 6/15/15

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    They Complain Because its possibly to “hard” to get stuff that is a hige lie i find it fairly easy to get stuff if u have the skill and tthe tactics watch some youtube learn tips and tricks to minecraft and do those and u will get gear in no time


    thanks-MrMehHehHeh (Your Average Chocolate Bar)

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    Athenmos12, thanks for returning my goods. No hard feelings, see ya online 🙂


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    I commend your thoughts on how people should act on PirateCraft @wogworld, I totally agree. When we first started PirateCraft we had an older audience, the chat was mature and there wasn’t any drama, seems to have gone full flip.

    The only way I can think of brining this back would be to have a white-listed world, But then the audience is dramatically decreased.

    Im glad you both sorting this out.

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    What do you mean by ‘whitelisted’?

    Pirate craft is my first public server so sorry if thats a dumb question.

    Crazy Pirate
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    Whitelisted, means only certain people can join, when you input their names. The player base wouldn’t be as big, but, there wouldn’t be rude, or harassing people in chat. I am against whitelisting however! (responded in about a minute)

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