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    Welcome to the Staged War, a PirateCraft Battle Event! The following event will be a multi-day tournament between two equal teams displaying strength, strategy and honor! This sequence of battles will have a set of rules to guarantee equal chances and experience for all players participating, whether they be new or old, or rich or poor.
    The Rules:

    •  Unenchanted  Iron Armor and Weapons ONLY
    • No Potions, Chorus, Ender Pearls, Enchanted Fruit or any other consumable items granting benefits
    • No inviting unauthorized, invisible, potion-using, over-powered players. If you are not on the participation list, you are limited to the spectating zones.
    • No unauthorized switching of teams and team members.
    • No sabotaging the battlefield prior to the launch of the battle.
    • No charging or sneaking into enemy bases prior to the launch of the battle.
    • Do not /sethome in unauthorized positions
    • Please cooperate with your team and use common sense. Teamwork is vital to your success!
    • No drama, whining, and/or bullshittery
    • No cheating – duh.
    • Please refrain from boasting and/or intentionally aggravating other players.
    • Most importantly, Have Fun 😀

    Failure to comply with the established set of rules will result in postponement or the unnecessary pausing of the battle and possible penalty against your entire team. Do take note that many rule will be changed, added, or removed during the planning process.


    As of this moment, rewards for victorious teams are not decided.

    If you are interested in taking part in this fight, please leave a reply stating your in-game username, a statement displaying your interest, and (to make it interesting) a reason as to why you would like to participate.

    Thank you!


    I... I've got nothing... Carry on.

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    Sounds a lot like an arena design I was thinking about starting on, very cool idea tho.

    If people get interested let me know 😛 perhaps I can get started on such an arena if the plugin has coding for that kind of match up.

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    Sounds fun – I enjoy participating in pvp when I’m not at risk of losing expensive god gear. I’m well up for taking part if I’m around when you plan to run this.


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    So I love the idea. Can’t wait to see this happen. Of course I would like to participate as well. Just one sugestion though.. can’t the use of potions be permitted? If we fight in Iron gear, and im assuming you don’t mean max enchanted iron gear, than the fight won’t take very long and 3-4 strikes will kill you depending on the Sword. I find a minecraft fight should be longer than that. Also, what enchants are allowed on the Sword and can I bring a bow?

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    can we have cannons?

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    Cannons, depending on the location, will be stationed at built bases.

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    It is preferred that potions and enchantments are not to be used, given that it allows high ranking players to have an unfair advantage over newer participants. Not to mention how expensive it would be to supply every participant with equal tier armor. The battle is meant to  be a fight between people using equal gear. While, true, many will die quickly, we mean for these battles to be extensive because of the mass amount of participants. Also we may set warps for deceased players to re run, like a game of capture the flag or domination.

    I... I've got nothing... Carry on.

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    I’m definitely coming. No fancy god gear, old school carnage is right up my street!

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