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    When I had a shop at warp trade, I would sell a few different types of vanilla potion through the signshop plugin with no trouble. Punching the sign would give the potions full name, and it would only go out of stock if my chest was empty.

    Recently, 2 days ago and also today, I have returned to see my fully stocked (a full double chest) shop selling invisibility potions is out of stock. Again, the chest the sign was linked to was full. This is the same problem that happens when you try to sell custom brews and alcohol out of sign shops, but never before has this been a problem with vanilla potions. (or maybe its just invisibility potions, I have not tried any others). I punched the sign today to see what it called the potions and the name, which used to be “potion of invisibility” (when I had the shop at warp trade) is now “potion ()”. I checked with a sign shop selling alcohol and instead of the alcohol name the name I got when I punched the sign was the same, “potion ()”.

    I just thought it would be necessary to report this, but it is no real problem – they can always just be sold from a redstone device.


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