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    I don’t know which one of you lily-livered landlubbers trashed my shop when the claims went down for 5 minutes this weekend… but I’ve made the necessary repairs now, and even made some improvements.

    Most of the damage was cosmetic, except for approximately 1/2 the heads from my Head Room and all the bookcases from the enchantment room.

    If you ever “pirate up” and get brave enough to admit your crime, or I find out who you are,… I will hunt you down remorselessly until I have a stack of your heads for my shop!

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    • Topics: 6
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    Store Directory:
    Top Floor: Stuff I buy! (Sell me your stuff!)
    1st Floor: Cafe’ Coffin_Dogg, fresh, hot CHEAP food!
    Go down the ladder to visit:
    -The Head Room (I buy all heads! and I post/accept “head bounties”)
    -FREE enchantment room
    -FREE public Kitchen
    -4 floors of stuff for sale!

    Weekend Improvements:

    Expanded Kitchen facility!
    -Free ovens for public Use
    -Brewing Stand

    New Armory!
    -Anvil “for rent”

    Another floor of shopping pleasure!
    -New “manufactured” items
    -Music Shop (by Markusi13)
    –Discs, jukeboxes and noteblocks for sale!

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    Thats a poor show!

    im gonna give a reward for any information on this! 5 diamonds for anything that shows up as true.

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    Keeping it positive, Good job Coughing_Dog, Im sure that 5 diamond bounty reward will loosen the lips of some players ;p

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