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    I think there should be a (smallish?) increase in the amount of blocks that you can place on ships.

    Building ships with the sails unfurled and with detailed rigging hurts.

    Some people will argue that larger ships cause lag, but if it did then we wouldn’t have indiamen and men o’ war. I have also experienced no lag while sailing.

    Here’s what I propose.

    Max. sizes

    Dhow – 200 blocks

    Schooner – 650 blocks

    Barge – eh.

    Brig – 1000 blocks

    Frigate – 1600 blocks

    Galleon – 2000 blocks

    Man o’ war – 3000 blocks

    Indiaman – 5500 blocks


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    The ship sizes were not pulled out my ass, they specifically don’t overlap, if your ship is too big, then you use the next ship type, its that simple.

    You haven’t even mentioned the minimum size, and if you changed that, you then would either break every existing ship on the server, or you would start to overlap sizes, when people then get confused what ship type to use because they both can be the same size.

    You say you think there should be an increase WHY?

    You need to explain WHY you think every single ship needs to have their sizes changed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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