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    I have an idea about how sailing speed scales by ship type.

    Dhow – 0.7

    Currently, dhows have a speed of “0.5”. Realistically, dhows were the smallest of these ship types, and therefore usually the snappiest.

    Schooner – 0.6

    Schooners were often used as merchant ships, and popular with pirates for their speed and cargo capacity, as well as shallow draft to hide in shallow harbours where larger warships could not enter. I reckon they should be slightly slower than dhows, due to their increased size.

    Brig – 0.5

    Brigs, I think, should remain the same. Same for frigates, and galleons, and men o’ war.

    I think it makes sense for indiamen to be slightly faster than men o’ war, because they’re trade ships, and they needed to be snappy, especially historically when trade ships would sometimes carry slaves.



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    Ye that would be nice.

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    It’s Indianman* and Man o’ War.

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    Im willing to bump the cruise speed a decimal place, with this comes the decrease of these things:

    • Walking around while sailing
    • Boarding a ship while sailing
    • Crafting while sailing
    • Loading a cannon while sailing
    • Firing a bow while sailing
    • PVP battle while sailing

    Since when a ship moves its really just moving the blocks and teleporting the player, you cant do much when you are in the teleporting phase! This is why its low 🙂

    But Im happy to trial putting it up a bit higher

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    Thanks for your responses.

    Those are valid points Godsy.

    @iketo I used the plurals.

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    Maybe make the ship speed based on the amount of wool on the ship, more sails the faster the ship, and the weight of the boat (total amount of blocks).

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    @goldieh That’d be really cool, if a bit hard to implement, I imagine.

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    This is a hard one for me because I do like the ability to pvp and such while cruising but on the other hand the slowness of ships now makes me want to punch a puppy…and I love puppies. However I have a thought and correct me if this isn’t possible but what if you sped up the speed of the golden hoe for use in long distance and left the cruise the same for combat. I know the hoe used to have a faster speed before so it seems like it’d be possible right?

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    That’s already a thing, not the bit about sails or other blocks on ships, but the more cannons you have on you ships, the slower they will go.

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