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    Ahoy thar!


    I’ve been sailing and thinking what’s the advantage of sailing ships? I mean, if this was about real life ships it would ” easier/faster to get around ” and yada yada yada.

    Is that the case here? Nay I say! But, there has to be another way!

    Sailing at the moment in PirateCraft is maybe too simple…. and slow…. I’ve had an idea that would make ships better, and more detailed.

    What if they could go faster? Not just simply faster. At the current moment the cruise jump is 5 blocks per jump, and the time it takes to jump again depends on how many cannons you have on the ship (Tell me if there are any factors I may be missing). I think 5 blocks isn’t enough especially when sailing for longer distances, plus… vanilla boats are faster. I was thinking if we could add a certain sign or say lever. That would say, maybe “Speed: UP” or “Speed: DOWN” just like how cruise works except can only be toggled after 1 minute of sailing, and has to have cruise on, and the ship needs to be a galleon or bigger, and with it turned on the ship would jump 10 blocks instead of 5.


    Now I know you might think there might be some flaws to it like:


    – What if there was a block/island blocking for the 10 block jump(or question of that sort)? The jump would treat it just like how the 5 block jump would be treated, it would say there is a block blocking the ship, and the Captain has to click on the sign and make it slow down, OR the sign automatically turns to slow down and continues sailing.

    – Oh, 10 blocks is so much/ 1 minute is too fast/ Galleon is too big/small for that feature! These numbers and ship type suggestions are what they are, just suggestions or would you say, examples. It is entirely up to Godsy and the others to decide these, but I’d like to say that Galleon and above would be the perfect size otherwise people would just build dhows and go sonic fast and being unable to hit due to size which is a small risk with big rewards for them.


    I wanted to make this suggestion because I’d love to see more depth to sailing.


    (Small mini suggestion, next)

    People can’t sail Manowars/Indiamans by themselves, they’d need other people with them (At least 1 or 2 other people).

    Realistically speaking, these ships couldn’t without crew members. Maybe this suggestion would enforce people to get more sailors to be aboard their ship, but idk. This might be a bad suggestion too, just thought of it I was writing the one above ^.


    Thank ye all for yer patience and time! See ya seadogs on the high seas!

    Captain of the Pirate Crew Black Clover

    See ya maties either behind my cannons or in their line of fire

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