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    Hey guys first of all, can I say that I love the server the way it is, but I also think that it has SO much potential to do things other servers cannot offer.

    An idea that I had in order to boost the use of ships, is the ship delivery system. Obviously this is just an idea, and I don’t know if it is even doable, as I haveΒ no knowledge of coding and it might be way out of reach.

    A little about the Idea –

    Has anyone ever played Archage? They have certain ports and such to which players can deliver special packages in return for rewards. I think that this idea perfectly suites this server and would encourage people to use ships and the seas!

    How I imagine the idea –

    I imagine these packages being able to be picked up at certain ports for a certain price, or in exchange for materials, possibly Gold, or Diamond for different tiers of “Packages”. The Packages would not be able to be carried by players, and upon purchase they would possibly spawn on a ship that is parked in the dock, this is to just prevent players buying them and warping with the packages to the drop-off locations. The ships could maybe introduce a special block, that only a single package can be stored in, that may also be purchased at these ports.

    Of course different ships would be able to carry different numbers of Packages in order to take into account different speeds, and also offer some kind of reward to building/buying a large ship and the risk as a result of that.

    Rewards – There could be a number, perhaps 3 tiers of packages that offer different levels of rewards, so the idea doesn’t alienate newer players. Finally once you have taken the package from the original dock to the drop-off, you could have the option of turning it in for either a Cash reward, or random items rewards, Weapons of a true pirate, Armor, Brews, Gold, Diamonds ect…

    Again, I just want to make clear that this idea may be way too complicated, I don’t have the knowledge to understand if it is or isn’t. But at the very least it is perhaps something to consider, and a way for me to give a little back to the server!

    Thank you for reading, I hope you at least found it interesting! πŸ˜€

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    If it is actually possible, I think this would be a great idea. (Though I have little knowledge of how plugins and things work so I apologise if I am supporting an idea that needs to have the plugin recoded or something). Of course, it will have to be made so it cannot be exploited which would be a huge amount of extra work for the staff if it is even possible in the first place. It does seem as though this would actually make ships used and add a chance for pirates to actually engage in ship battles, I know I would enjoy defending or attacking ships like this.


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    just saying the only way I think you could really get this to work is with the tpa being put down slightly

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    Old idea that has already been fully discussedΒ in the “No tp weekend” thread.

    For those that CBA to read this mammoth thread, the outcome was to:

    • Create a new world, separate from the one we have now
    • Disable TP on this world
    • Disable Dynmap for this world
    • Disable GriefPrevention on this world
    • Entire world is islands
    • Has server citys to trade between that are protected and PVP free
    • has 6-10 random spawn points from the main survival world to get to this world, so none can be camped waiting for players to come to this new world, as the spawn will be random.
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    This is possible, Β even though I have good experience with coding I do not know how. You may have to copy some of the coding for the Ship plugin and include it in the plugin otherwise it won’t send the package to your ship.

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    I read the first page of that thread and personally feel this idea is different, unless it is explained on other pages.

    – I like the idea of having another world
    – I am kind of skeptical to the idea of no TP at all
    – I honestly LOVE the Live map on this server, i think it was an amazing addition and one I would feel really sorry to see leave the new map.
    – Personally I wouldn’t play on any server without Grief protection,Β I think not including it in the map wouldn’t be the best, just considering there are some fantastic builders on the server currently, and they may want to build a nice Port or base of operations on the new map if there were possible.
    – The Idea of the whole world being made up of islands is fantastic, I haven’t ever played on a server that has done that, so it definitely could be interesting and a great way to improve the ships uses.
    I think it is these bottom two points are related to this suggestion the most
    – My idea suggest that players can buy different tiers of packages from each city for example and they would appear on a ship parked in the dock at that given city.
    – These packages could also be traded for either Cash rewards, or item rewards as suggested above, I didn’t see this idea in the other thread, but again, i didn’t read every page, just the first.
    – I like the idea of the cities being PVP free though which I didn’t mention, as it could present issues of places being camped and making it impossible to do the jobs, which would inevitably turn people away from trying.

    These are just my personal opinions, I know a lot of people will disagree, but I just think it may be a nice addition to the server if at all possible! πŸ™‚

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