Ship Battle Rules

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    Unless otherwise stated, these rules will apply for ALL battles:

    • NO BOARDING. That includes the use of enderpearls, and /top under enemy ships
    • No explosives such as TNT, or TNT cannon shot
    • Stay on your ship as best you can – avoid swimming around and shooting from the water. Do not swim near the enemy ship.
    • No merging ships – if ships become attached, I will cut them apart

    Anything you want, don’t bring stuff you can’t afford to lose/get blown up

    Again, anything you want. Don’t bring stuff you can’t afford to lose/get blown up. Bows are allowed, as are potions

    No double canonns (H-cannons) allowed. COBBLESTONE AND MELON SEED PROJECTILE ONLY. Bring your own gunpowder and cobblestone (both are for sale at /warp cove, which I can supply during the battle).

    Ship crews can be of any size, and from any in-game crew.


    Ship building materials:
    Do not use any obsidian/stone brick.
    No boxes either – make it look somewhat like a ship. I will not allow boxes in the battle.

    • Recommended Materials:
      • Wool for sails
      • Wood for decks, and any random block (such as stairs, cabins, etc)
      • Clay as armour
      • Coal blocks/iron blocks as cannons
      • A storage area somewhere on the ship that is armoured, and has spare materials to repair the ship



    Teaming is not allowed currently, but may be allowed in certain battles


    No spectator ships allowed, sorry. Stay in a vanilla boat, that way fighting ships will know not to shoot at you! If you get too close and they shoot at you, tough luck!

    No PvP while the warp is up please
    – including during the battle.

    No looting or raiding during or once 24 hours have passed since the battle. Looters will be most likely be killed ye thieves!


    I hope to see you there!

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