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    For those who don’t know what’s going on: I’m working on a new ship battle arena, and I’ve thought long and hard about what changes we could make that would make the ship battles run smoother, and be more fair. These new/changed rules may be subject to change.

    We have also added this info to the wiki for the first time! So you can now, in-game, view the rules at any time. The pages are far from perfect, and I’ll probably compress them a little more.

    • /wiki shipbattle info
    • /wiki shipbattle rules
    • /wiki shipbattle faq



    Battle rules:

    • Battles will only run for 1 hour maximum, plus a 10 minute ‘sudden-death’ period at the end if there is a draw (more on that below)
      • How the battle will work:
        • 10 minute prep period to get ships into arena/moving
        • 20 minutes of fighting
        • 10 minute break to replenish ammo and do minor repairs
        • 20 minutes of fighting
        • End of battle
        • [Optional]: 10 minute sudden-death
      • These times will be stuck to strictly. No more 1 hour and 45 minute battles – they’re too long and drain my energy
    • ‘Sudden-death’ will be a period in which when you die on your ship, you are not allowed to come back. The crew with the most remaining crew members wins. If your captain is killed… well, looks like you won’t be moving anytime soon. Keep your crew alive!
      • New players cannot join a ship during this period, its literally anyone who is on the ship once the announcement is made. Before the announcement is made (or any time during the battle) new players can join any ship
      • No longer a minimum or maximum crew size – 1 man crew? hell yeah

    Ship rules: (ship building rules are under ‘building rules’) 

    • If your ship has not moved in a while, or looks badly damaged, you will be asked to move the ship to show you are still in the game.
    • If your ship is unable to move, you will be given 3 minutes exactly to somehow get it moving again, or else you will be out
      • This should be a good test of how coordinated you are, or if you built supply closets; how much stuff you put in them
      • Survivability should be just as much a priority as is firepower
    • New ships will no longer be spawned in mid-battle or during a break (I realize how bs it was for the rest of you)
    • Ships that are late to the battle, will not be allowed to join
      • If you’re only late by 3 or 4 mins, then I’ll allow it, but not 10 or 15 minutes late.
    • The rules will be enforced MUCH more strictly – no more of that ‘yeah 2 minutes left… oh wait no 5… oh wait no 3’ – no, none of that. If I declare you out, you’re out.

    Arena Changes:

    • Big new arena, slightly smaller than the last arena (its circular, not a weird rectangular), will have a diameter of ~360 blocks (the old arena was 400×400, but the space used was only like 300×300)
      • Features will include:
        • A giant door thing to enter the arena
        • Completely custom sea floor (it is shallower than normal MC, can’t remember the exact values
        • Ability to add obstacles such as islands, or themed items such as pumpkins for smaller ships to hide behind
        • A dedicated spectator area (in the picture below, its the light grey ring that runs around the outside) – you can still jump in a vanilla boat and spectate, but this area will have a view of the whole arena (and may have pvp off – yet to be decided)
        • A small shop for resources (as before)
        • Space for people to make docks around the outside to build ships, and some retractable docks inside for ships already entered
        • Possibly a way for me to spawn in 3 different sizes of ship battle ships, if you want to borrow them – we don’t know about this one yet, these ships wouldn’t be allowed to leave the arena
      • A dedicated area for a warp to be set when a battle is ready
    • New arena will be located at x: 1200 z: 2200, as per popular vote, and the fact that there’s a lot of room down there – its much closer to cove, and has many ship wrecks around the area for people to salvage
    • Not sure if we’ll be able to disable PvP while people are building and/or spectating. Because its circular, it may be very difficult to do
    • Also not sure how we’ll sort out the admin claiming – might have to make several smaller claims.

    New arena from y-level 250 ^ (its pretty big, but not yet finished)

    Location of the new arena ^ (should be easier for you to get there from cove)


    Ship Building Changes:

    • No obsidian, at all. Not having it. Sorry but its true, im fed up of that bloody material. I may still change my mind, hell persuade me to change it down below
    • No stone brick – i have my reasons, just go with it.
      • For the above two ^ if you have a ship, that uses a little obsidian or stone brick and you still want to enter it, talk to me please. At the end of the day i don’t want stone brick and obsidian boxes – ships wouldn’t be able to get damaged and thats no fun
    • Ships will be limited to how deep they can be, i think the arena depth is like 10-12 blocks or so. You probably won’t be affected by this – the deepest ship last time (the sov) was 4 blocks underwater
    • Double cannons? Not sure about this, they were very strong last time. <- tell me your thoughts


    ok thats about it, sorry its long. Please tell me opinions down below.

    Next battle should be end of next week (week beginning 11th). Might have a little fun battle inbetween once the arena is up, we’ll see

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    Now that arena, is cool.

    Looks like a continental plate’s sides were ripped up and out into a circle.

    You probably did something a long the lines of that anyway.

    • Topics: 94
    • Replies: 650
    • Total: 744
    • ★★★★★★

    Forgot to add:


    • Submarines are allowed – we’ll have to test them out with the shallower arena at some point. Should force them to rise up more rather than hanging around the seabed
    • Stonebrick is allowed on submarines – but still no obsidian

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    Crew History: Red Lotus, 0utlaws, Ottoman Empire, Xenon Empire, The Xanthian Order, The Asylum, Xenia

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