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    Forgot to make a results post for the ship battle at the end of March, so I’m doing a double whammy here. Largest number of ships in battle, and utter chaos for me trying to get it to work haha – don’t worry, things will be different once the arena is created. A post will follow up on that shortly. Thanks for taking part everyone.

    Both battles were split into 2 parts, with a roughly 15-20 minute break after 30 minutes of fighting. I can’t remember much from ship battle #9, and im really tired, so I’m only going to cover results. I know lots of people recorded this time – so that should be awesome.

    Winners (Ship Battle #9):

    1. Teletub 2.0 Myself and a few other people
      HMS Ajax – Italians
      USS Monitor – Moossolini, Blackshadow969
      Shadow Voyager (sov copy) – TAS/CLTN
    2. Unnamed Ship – Peppykiss365

    It was a boring 4-way draw to put it short. I’m thinking of new ways to determine a winner, so I trialed a % of ship left victory method for ship battle #10. Due to the chaos and uncertainty of this particular battle, and the outcome, no winner will be declared and the ships will not be added to the tally of winning ships.

    Results (Ship Battle #10):

    1. Giulio Cesare – Lego (captain), MagmaGolem, Valerio, Romich02, several other Italians
      Shadow Voyager (sov copy) – CreeperMorderen (captain), Cysteen, Maximus_Terragon, Cappur, CrazyMoneyy, MinisterMoo (joined at the end), Kaithefireninja (joined at the end)
      Phantom Narwhal – Astrobolt (captain), who else?
      Iron Duke – Lazydog11 (captain), emielreijs, iBrowe, several other BE members and allies
    2. HMS Ajax – GingfulGlider (captain), several other people
    3. HMS [something with A] – iBrowe (captain), Ic3y, few other people
    4. The Zucc – Kaithefireninja (captain), MinisterMoo, jmeatball
    5. [unnamed ship] – BLURP_ (captain), blackshadow969

    It was officially a 4-way tie again, so i’m not adding any names to the tally of ‘winners’ in the description. However, I did measure the % of the orginal ship still left once the battle was over and handed out prizes accordingly. These are as follows:

    1. Phantom Narwhal – 93.4%
    2. Giulio Cesare (second one) – 85.5%
    3. Shadow Voyager – 80.2%
    4. Iron Duke (second one) – 72.4%


    An apology.

    I am aware that a lot of people enjoyed the battle, however I know of some individuals who may have misunderstood the rules and as such blown up ships with TNT, and/or killed crew members via boarding. This rule will be enforced differently in future, so sorry.

    I would also like to apologize for the chaos, and the ‘unfair advantage’ that some crews had by having a brand new copy of their ship copied in during the break. Future battles will be held differently, and more organized with me being on full-time ‘ship battle moderator’ – so i won’t be taking part in ships battles in future directly.

    Congratulations to all teams that survived the onslaught, and thanks for taking part. I’m looking forward to the screenshots/videos people have recorded! Godsy managed to record the whole battle and he may be able to use some of the material for a piratecraft trailer!

    There will be a followup post in a few days explaining my intentions for future battles – including how to make it more organised, fair, and hopefully fun. I’ll have a chat with godsy, and lay out the possibilities for you guys. :))

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    @Maximus TheTikiTotem and coddyfish were with me in the first half of the battle. Second half I was solo.

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    Can we have ship battles that are only subs or only ships? I feel like you can’t really do much to a sub from a ship mainly because you can have all the requirements of a sub in water at times- you won’t sink, and another one is that obsidian is just not cool without diamond shots >~<

    im a kau

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