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    As far as I could tell from the number of people there, this was the largest ship battle ever on the server, and buy was it a hell of a lot of fun – even i took out a ship with a small crew. Thanks to everyone who turned up and took part, and a special thank you to MysticTitan who helped moderate the battle with me. This was also the first battle in which all the ships were built (as least in part) by me – only one I didn’t fully build was the Teletub.

    The battle was split into two halves: pre-break and after a 10 minute break. Also, it was a free-for all, no teams this time, no matter how misleading the ship names are.

    Winners (based on the last surviving ship):

    1. HMS Iron Duke – Browe_ (captain), Buckmaster1993 (navigator), Crazymoneyy, Dark_101, (more?)
    2. HMS Ajax – IElectric_pvp (captain), lazydog11, WaterPool, 4orange, ARTracy
    3. [unnamed frigate] – Minister_Moo (captain), Commander_Asher (reserve captain), Maximus_Terragon (reserve captain), GingfulGlider
    4. [unnamed schooner] –  Blackshadow969 (captain), Peppykiss395, mpr100, Haggar321, Haggar123, IndigoIvy, Darth_Jadon, Death_Jackel, Nielso6, probs a lot more
    5. Fighter Jet – HuangR (pilot)
    6. Teletub (joined after the two unnamed ships died) – Maximus_Terragon (captain), GingfulGlider, Pepykiss395, Death_Jackal, Commander_Asher (briefly)

    I’m probably missing a lot of people. I know we had well over 30 people there at one point, either taking part or spectating. The two unnamed ships held out very long, but they were both eventually deemed out, so I took out the Teletub and invited any remaining crew members to join me. We didn’t last too long.

    Other rankings (based on my observations):

    • Most damage received as % of ship – [unnamed schooner] (looked like a mini Teletub at the end)
    • Most damage dealt as % of ship – [HMS Iron Duke]
    • Most damage repaired as % of ship – [unnamed schooner]
    • Most ships sunk/disabled – HMS Iron Duke (3) Was difficult to tell as all ships shot each other
    • Most player kills – HMS Iron Duke (many)
    • Strangest ‘ship’ – Jet Fighter (it was a plane, and yes it shouldn’t be allowed but it was very fragile so i made an exception. huangR still did quite a bit of damage in it)


    Rather than doing the usual damage report and whatnot (and due to lack of time) I’ll just be summarizing key events in order. I’ll be doing this in GMT time, and these are estimates – I didn’t go around with a notepad and write everything down, I have better things to do. For cannon layout, (2,10,4) means 2 at the front, 10 on each side, 4 at the back.

    • 7:10 – Blackshadow969’s ship is sunk before the battle and I build him a new schooner
    • 7:45 – The Narwhal announces it will not be taking part in the battle
    • 8:00 – People start preparing the ships
    • 8:08 – Official start of the battle – all ships set off (except the Fighter Jet and Teletub)
      • Iron Duke (0,22,0) – Indiaman with heavy side armour,  44 auto-fire/manual cannons + two mortars at the front , but very little rear armour and no front or rear cannons
      • Ajax (2,16,4) – Manowar with heavy side armour, and reinforced decks, 38 manual cannons, but lacks front and rear armour
      • Frigate (2,5,3) – Frigate with decent side armour, 15 cannons, but lacks firepower
      • Schooner (0,3,1) – Fast little schooner with a large crew (and respawn point!), 7 cannons, but lacks armour
      • Jet Fighter (6,0,0) – Schooner that also functions as a plane, 6 forward facing cannons, but lacks armour
      • Teletub (6,7,2) – Indiaman with great survivability, 22 cannons, but is ugly, slow, lacks decks, and is still damaged from last battle
    • 8:10 – Iron Duke engages the schooner
    • 8:13 – Ajax engages the schooner
    • 8:17 – huangR’s Fighter Jet finally enters the battle. The schooner takes heavy damage, the frigate is damaged by the Ajax
    • 8:23 – The Fighter Jet is disabled and out of the battle after taking just a few hits.
    • 8:25 – The schooner is technically completely disabled and the Iron Duke starts engaging the Ajax and frigate. I pilot the frigate, and try to escape unsuccessfully.
    • 8:26 – Ajax fires a broadside into the Iron Duke, destroying many cannons
    • 8:30 – 10 minute repair time – Due to heavy damage received by the smaller ships, and notable damage on both of the larger ships, we have a mini break.
    • 8:39 – Ships move away from each other to the corners of the arena to prepare for an end of the break. Couple of people have to leave, and new crew members join.
      • Iron Duke – Both sides repaired and re-inforced, fixed redstone and cannons, and patched the giant hole in the side
      • Ajax – Deck repaired, some cannons added, and armour repaired
      • Frigate – Removed front cannons and added cannons to the sides instead, added a lot of armour at the front to tank shots from the Iron Duke
      • Schooner – They somehow managed to take a bunch of random blocks and spit all over what was left of the ship and added cannons – but hey it worked!
    • 8:40 – End of 10 minute break
    • 8:45 – Iron Duke engages the schooner again, and the Ajax engages the frigate
    • 8:50 – The schooner is out of the battle, although some people keep on fighting from within whats left of it
    • 8:52 – The frigate is abandoned and surrenders, the Ajax and Iron Duke start heading toward each other
    • 8:53 – I take out the Teletub for the shits and giggles (it wasn’t going to win anyway, it only had 3 cannons, and was still broken after the last battle). Bunch of people from the two broken ships join me
    • 9:00 – Heavy fighting between the Ajax and Iron Duke, the Teletub joins in but mostly just takes a lot of damage, because all the cannons are knocked out
    • 9:10 – Ajax is stuck on the wreck of the schooner
    • 9:11 – Iron Duke closes in and also gets stuck for a bit. The Ajax and Iron Duke are both pointing at each other so that both crews have to move cannons to the front of the ships
    • 9:15 – After the crew from the Teletub can’t walk around it anymore (because the deck was blown to bits) it surrenders. Iron Duke becomes un-stuck
    • 9:18 – Ajax becomes un-stuck. Both ships are now firing broadsides into each other
    • 9:25 – Iron Duke fires a devastating salvo into the side of the Ajax, and makes a big hole
    • 9:29 – Captain of the Ajax, IElectric_pvp surrenders, Iron duke wins and the crew gets 4 stacks of gold spread out among the crew

    <b>Next ship battle will be beginning of March. </b>All ships that took part with the exception of the schooner have been salvaged and are being repaired (the schooner sunk this morning for some reason – I’ll build a replacement). For the next battle, I’ll also be building a few other ships for people to use during the battles with similar armour scheme layouts like the Iron Duke and Ajax.

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    Crew History: Red Lotus, 0utlaws, Ottoman Empire, Xenon Empire, The Xanthian Order, The Asylum, Xenia

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    Did anyone record it?

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    Yeah, sounds like it would be awesome for some pictures, I would just like to see what each ship looked like.

    We could make a ‘baseball cards’ for each of these ships, much like how CNN did for the US weapons.

    Either way, sounds amazing, definitely going to join in when I get my laptop fixed.

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