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    Once again a thank you to everyone who was able to turn up and make it enjoyable for us. We split this battle into two rounds again, due to a quick end to the first battle. For round 1 we had a manowar, plus two brigs, and for round 2 we had two indiamen.

    Round 1:

    We were due to have many more taking part, but due to shifting priorities *cough new star wars film*, many couldn’t turn up.

    We started of with some Brits on a manowar; the King George, two members of CLTN on a brig; the Telesub, and many many people on another small Brig named Hindenburg. The King George took a while to get going, whereas the Hindenburg decided to rush the Teletub, but was quickly disabled within about 3-4 minutes. Once the Telesub started enganging the increasingly damaged King George, the members of the Telesub announced that they needed to leave, and as such round 1 ended with no clear winner.

    Participants of Round 1:

    • King George – dimondknight998 (captain), xMadMoneyyx, 4oranage| Result: Ship damaged
    • Telesub – Minister_moo (captain), Riverwood202 | Result: Undamaged, but had no crew left to sail it
    • Hindenburg – blackshadow (captain), Sir_Quacker, Zero148, Xeuric (briefly), pugpaws | Result: Ship destroyed

    Round 2:

    Round 2 was also split into two parts. I gave the remaiming crew of the Hindenburg the Teletub (indiaman) to use, and they immediately went out and engaged the King George. Already being damaged, the King George was being obbliterated, however the crew of the Teletub was running out of crew members – as they were wearing no armour, and had no ammunition for their cannons. I paused the battle for 20 minutes, and both sides restocked and repaired.

    Part 2 went well and had the most of the action of the entire battle. The crew of the Teletub had made the ship even taller, whilst the crew of the King George focused on adding more armour, and as such making it an indiaman. The downside to that was; they didn’t have anyone to sail it, so I took the helm for a bit. After a lot of shooting, and the captain of the Teletub announcing he needed to leave, the battle was pretty much over, as we ran out of captains sadly. As far as the winner is concerned: no clear winner, as both sides ran out of people almost simultaneously.

    The following results are from the ‘part 2’ of the battle:

    Participants of Round 2:

    • Teletub – Sir_Quacker (captain), blackshadow, Zero148, pugpaws
    • King George – Maximus_Terragon (captain), 4orange, mryellowpvppants, dimondknight998, Moosolini

    Other rankings, based on my observations:

    • Most damage received as % of ship (whilst still sailing) – King George
    • Most damage dealt as % of ship – Telesub (completely took out the Hindenburg and damaged King George)
    • Most damage repaired as % of ship – King George
    • Most ships sunk/diabled – Telesub (1 ship disabled)
    • Most player kills – Unclear; many people died on both sides


    Not going to faff around much more, but this battle was a clear example of; use armour, and make sure you have a captain for your ship.

    After the end of the battle, the King George was deemed too badly damaged to save, so we gave her an honorary sinking. And no, there isn’t any loot onboard.

    Next battle:

    No idea, mid January probably.

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    Not to worry!!

    Star Wars was a great film, despite a lot of negative feedback.

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