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    (The original ship battle post was deleted due to that forum glitch, welp)

    A big thank you for everyone taking part, this was the largest turnout for a ship battle ever (at least 25 taking part and a further 10 spectating)! Without further ado, here are the results of the 1 hour and 40 minute battle:

    Winners (based on who went out last): 

    1. RSS xXx_Teletubbie_Trash_Heap_2000_xXx – Gruusha/Jmoo (captain), Minister_Moo, LlewyMudlark, Riverwood202, Nahadoth, Joe_danger_2003, JUSAplayer1, reesepatterson04
    2. Bananawhal – Most of BE (If someone could send me a list of the crew that would be fab)
    3. Red Narwhal – Bazurka (Captain) CaptainReef
    4. Lone ship – Lone crew members + romich
    5. The royal Narwhal – xMadBoltx (Captain), Snapcrackplays

    It was a very close fight until the very end, and the last two narwhal ships took a beating before they were both disabled. It really was close!

    Other rankings, based on my observations:

    • Most damage received as a % of the ship – Bananawhal
    • Most damage dealt as % of the ship – RSS xXx_Teletubbie_Trash_Heap_2000_xXx
    • Most damage repaired as % of the ship – Lone Ship (repaired the ship twice, before finally being disabled)
    • Most ships sunk/disabled – RSS xXx_Teletubbie_Trash_Heap_200o_xXx (4 ships disabled)
    • Most player kills – Draw between RSS xXx_Teletubbie_Trash_Heap_2000_xXx and  Bananawhal (you two basically nailed everyone, I stopped counting half way through haha)

    Out of all 5 ships that took part, all three BE ships were subs, the Lone Ship was a brig (and made fully out of wood!), and the Teletubbie was an Indiaman

    Damage Report:
    If a ship was receiving a lot of damage, and has been stationary for a while, I would give the crew 60 seconds to try and get the ship moving again, or I deemed them out of the battle. They could fix the ship up with whatever materials, but they only had those 60 seconds. Once the time was up and only the Teletubbie and Bananawhal were left, they were both given 60 seconds to get the ship moving, only being allowed to place signs, but not allowing any other blocks placed or broken.</p>

    • Teletubbie 
      • Received minimal damage in the first half of the battle, but received heavy damage in the last 30 minutes. Ended up losing a mast, all her original cannons (parts were salvaged and used to make new cannons), and a most of her starboard (right side) armour. Went from an Indiaman to a manowar due to the amount of damage received.
    • Bananawhal
      • Received minimal damage in the first half of the battle, but received heavy damage in the last 30 minutes. Her roof was shot to bits, but her crew kept her going by submerging under the water and repairing what they could. The final moments of the battle saw her using hastily built cannons on her roof, however she was unable to move once the time was up, so she came a close second. Her wreck is on display at the Freeport (battle location)
    • Red Narwhal
      • Received minimal damage in the first half of the battle, but received heavy damage in the second half. She kept up a good fight with the Teletubbie, taking her 1 on 1 and knocking out many of her cannons. However, she was heavily punished when the cannons were repaired and as a last ditch effort, her crew of two surrendered.
    • Lone Ship
      • Received heavy damage throughout the battle, and was almost out at one point, but her crew fixed her up swiftly. While the Teletubbie and the Royal Narwhal  were duelling in the first half of the battle, the Lone Ship was taking on the other two ships. Having lost her mast, and many holes in her sides, she almost went out after 40 minutes, but in the last seconds her crew got her moving again, and ran off to conduct repairs. It was only in the second half, where she was in the crossfire between the Bananawhal and the Teletubbie, she took so much damage that her crew could not fix her up, and she was declared out of the battle.
    • The Royal Narwhal
      • Received heavy damage in the first half of the battle, disabling her within the first 30 minutes. A legendary ship, but luck was not on her side this time. In the opening minutes of the battle, she fired the first shots at the Teletubbie, and dealt moderate damage, but she was quickly overwhelmed and subsequently disabled.

    Next ship battle: 8pm UK time/3pm EST (same time), Saturday 4th November (next saturday) – I hope to see you there! (I’ll make another post soon)

    Please post any screenshots down below, mine are on their way!

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