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    Yeah I’m doing another ship battle. This doesn’t need much of an introduction. Consider it a mini server event.

    When? Yet to be decided, probably within the next 1-2 days at 6:00pm GMT (2:00pm Eastern Time). I’ll update this post as soon as I can.

    Where? The Freeport – a neutral port. Coordinates: x: -6000 y: 100 z: 3800

    Rules for the battle:

    • Strictly NO BOARDING. That includes using enderpearls and using /top under enemy ships. Why? Because cannons, and you can always pvp later. Keep it good old-fashioned ship vs ship in cannon fighting please.
    • No explosives such as tnt. Cannons and arrows only please. As for projectiles; cobblestone and melon seeds only. Don’t go swimming over to the other ship and placing tnt and blowing it up, don’t use tnt projectiles.

    For BE and CLTN/TAS/TRIA members: Put grudges aside for just 30 minutes, please. I know its petty, but can you just engage in a nice ship battle rather than ruining it for the other team just because “they killed me 2 days ago and declared war on us blah blah blah”, or “they’re using a ship that we really want to blow up”. Both sides are equally guilty of this, so just stop for 20 minutes and enjoy it. One of the ships taking part is a copy of the infamous Phantom Sovereign. Godsdead made a copy of her and told me to use her in a ship battle. I don’t care if she is blown to bits after the battle, she’s not the original. But for the love of god, don’t place TNT on her and bomb her just because you despise the ship/the crew onboard. Play fairly, use your cannons, and blow her up with coordinated firepower. Bislo1 made a forum post about this a few days ago saying how he didn’t want ships to be blown up with TNT. Most of the active BE members liked it, so stick with what you stand for. 

    Rules for players:

    • Armour: Wear anything you want. Keep in mind: one direct hit from a cannonball WILL kill you in diamond armour, and your stuff will probably be blown up. So don’t bring anything you can’t afford to lose. 
    • Weapons: Anything you want, again don’t bring anything you can’t afford to lose. Bows are allowed, as are potions. No ender pearls or chorus fruit please.
    • Ship types: Any ship size and type, including subs. No stonebrick boxes. They will probably be heavily damaged, so don’t use your best ships.
    • Crews: Any size crew you want, bring yourself, your friends, or your dog. Doesn’t matter.
    • Projectiles/cannons: Any type of cannon. COBBLESTONE AND MELON SEEDS ONLY. Gunpower, and projectiles will not be supplied (bring your own). Cobblestone and gunpowder are both sold at cove.

    How to take part:
    No sign-up required, just come along! If you want to build a ship at the battle location, give me a message in-game, or ask if someone can teleport you to the Freeport.

    How to win:
    Who’s ever ship is the last one that sails I guess haha

    10 gold blocks for all your shiny, pirate desires! (if you win, that is)

    Good Luck!

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