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    First battle in the new arena (now named Battle Bay) – and it worked almost perfectly… aside from that server crash at the end… oh well. The battle was split up into two lots of 20 minutes of fighting, with 10 minute breaks after each one. This was followed by a roughly 15 minute ‘sudden-death’ at the end (the server crashed during this period, so it went a bit messy with some ships having chunks missing). Surprisingly high turnout last night, counted 61 players online and at least 32 people on my /near – probably more. We had 5 ships and a submarine taking part. Thanks to Nahadoth and Moossolini for helping me moderate, and creeprr for recording the battle.

    • Participants:
      • Phantom Narwhal (seawolf sub) – Astrobolt (captain), OmegaVenom1, Dark_101, Blackshadow969, MinisterMoo
      • Da Vinchi (indiaman) – POTATQ (captain), Just_a_Pleb, SpiderDeluxe, JUSAPeinter1, ZPho3nixZ, PetalFace, creeprr
      • Drifting’s Ship (galleon) – DriftingSixGuns (captain), Joshua_JonesJ_H_Rodgers, CreeperlnX, Death_Jackal, few more
      • BLURP_’s Ship (frigate) – BLURP_ (captain), 4orange, lots more please tell me usernames if you have them
      • CLTN Menace (frigate) – Rivvur (captain), JUSAShrek1, Torkey, Cappur
      • Lakeside’s Ship (dhow) – lakesidekiller (captain)



    1. Da Vinchi – Won the sudden-death with 3 members left alive
    2. Phantom Narwhal – 2 members left alive
    3. Drifting’s ship – 1 member left alive
    4. CLTN Menace – All members killed during sudden death
    5. BLURP_’s ship – Surrendered in second half of battle
    6. Lakeside’s ship – Blown up in second half of battle


    Honorable Awards:

    • Most damage recieved as % of ship – Lakeside’s ship, with only 5 blocks left of a once 130 block ship – that’s 4%
    • Most damage dealt as % of ship  – CLTN Menace, nuking Lakeside’s ship, and dealing huge damage to BLURP_’s ship and the Phantom Narwhal (well done Cappur)
    • Most damage repaired as % of ship – Drifting’s ship (not counting the restart that f***ed up some ships), repaired the ship twice over but still sailed
    • Most ships sunk/disabled – CLTN Menace with 1 sunk (Lakeside’s ship), and 1 assist (BLURP_’s ship)
    • Most player kills – Drifting’s ship, killing at least 20 players before sudden death, and 2 during sudden-death
    • Most spectator kills *sigh* – Da Vinchi, killing at least 8 spectators who got in the way of their cannons


    Damage Report:

    • Phantom Narwhal – Received moderate damage throughout the battle, was duplicated due to restart with both copies having significant parts of the ships missing. Plans are made to repair it.
    • Da Vinchi – Received moderate damage in the back at the start of the battle, light damage for the remaining battle. A chunk of the ship was missing after the restart. Is being repaired for next battle.
    • CLTN Menace – Received light damage for most of the battle, followed by heavy damage in sudden-death. Is being repaired for next battle.
    • Drifting’s ship – Received moderate damage throughout the battle, heavy damage in sudden-death. Is being repaired for next battle.
    • BLURP_’s ship – Received heavy damage in first half (due to lack of armour), moderate damage in second half. Being rebuilt i think.
    • lakeside’s ship – Received moderate damage in first half, and very heavy damage at beginning of second half. Blown up and broken up.


    Next Battle:

    Happening in 2 weeks time on a saturday evening at 8:00pm GMT (3pm EST). 2nd or 3rd of September i think.

    • Double cannons will not be allowed (sorry)
    • Ships only for that battle – testing designs, I’ll follow it up with a normal battle afterwards
    • I should be able to spawn in ships for people by then, arena should be claimed, and server ship shop at the warp


    Gonna be using a points system for people who finished in top 3; 3rd gets 10 points, 2nd gets 20, 1st gets 30.

    These points will be handed out to the ships, not the crews. So if you want your ship to get lots of points, be sure to use it again or modify it. The points will be in the group description, and previous battles results will not be included.

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