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    1. This server is pretty awesome. Nearly perfect balance of cut throat pvp, building, eco and mini games. But I have to point out that pvp is currently stagnating.

    PvP will stagnate for as long as the meta is so heavily in favor of defense. PvPers risk too much just to stand outside a base with few options.

    I’ve seen a lot of PvPers simply burn out in the short 2 months I’ve been here… and pretty much every noob settlement gets spawn killed into quitting. PvPers are bored and restless and resort to domination through toxic chat or ganking poor people. They can’t engage each other because of ganks/claims/traps compounded by winners takes losers’ entire inventory.

    We need siege, though I understand little can be done about that currently. In the meantime I propose we have a mildly expensive fee on all /tpa, tpahere and even /tpaccept to encourage ship building/ship battles and make ganking poor people thru /tpa a waste of money. Pretty much every new deckhand settlement is immediately ganked until they quit. The killing is fine, but it’s the repeat killing/ganking and the following chat abuse that’s not fine. Resettling is not a solution when the gank will be on you at the new place just as fast. PvPers got nothing better to do and wealthy people can’t be touched in their claimed bases. That leaves only poor people to target.

    I was very smart to have started a siege-proof castle within my third or 4th day. I am very lucky to have just finished the shell of it when Lullaby’s 5 man gank camped it on/off over several days for the new blood. I imagine it was just as boring for them as it was for me since I simply never left the castle. Siege would have made it fun for everyone instead, especially if they used a ship or if we had artillery duels.

    Just thinking out loud: but maybe it would be ok if raiders could place specifically just ladders on others claims for pvp. They’re gonna get over most perimeter walls by an ugly dirt pillar anyways. Ladders would look way better and can be mitigated. It would at least be an option for raiders in some cases.

    And it would be interesting if certain cannon ammo types got a penetration buff and the anti personal ones got buffed dmg too. Make cannons offensively important even with siege down and expand offensive options for raiders.

    A server I previously played on way way back had a plug-in that allowed people who died to keep part of their inventory. What they kept was totally random. Just thinking out loud, but this reduced the negative emotions/drama from losing in pvp and here it would make dying to traps/ganks less punishing.

    The meta should favor defense. But currently there are too few offensive options while siege/cannons are down.

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    Siege is being worked on, dont worry! Sadly we were screwed by the developers not wanting to fix bugs with it since they were reported all the way back from 1.16-1.17!

    So its in the works, just keep an eye out for the announcement when its ready!

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    On the topic of siege, is the bug just soft blocks not being able to be broken? If I’m not mistaken could we just have siege without blocks being broken? I know I speak for many players when I say lots of us would rather have /siege without being able to break soft blocks rather than no siege at all.


    Another thought is that soft blocks were also manly used to grief bases or to attack newer players who don’t build with strictly stone bricks. Any player really worth raiding has a base made from hard blocks to protect from raiding. Really the only bases that aren’t siege proof is pretty design build and newbie bases.


    If I am mistaken about siege and its bugs, I’m sorry and thank you for keeping us updated and working on it.

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