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    Please post any build suggestions or ideas for /warp west in here.

    • We will have a separate thread for being part of the build team, at present only people suggested by the current build team are added, there is no thread yet.
    • This forum thread is to collect ideas for /warp west
      • Build ideas
      • Terrain ideas
      • Expansion ideas
      • Ideas to make this area have something special that you can only come here to do.

    This will be linked from /forums in-game

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    A server bar can be put there. A place where people can hang out and have drinks! Either by signshop or a bartender on duty.

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    Lord_vanther has actually started working on a wine bar near warp south( the towers on the hill). If he agrees, that might be a better place to put it.

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    I think turning warp west into a kind of colonial settlement would be interesting, perhaps there could even be rentable shops?

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    Yeah i think warp west would be a better place since theres nothing there really.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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