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    Ahoy! This Resource Pack replaces the vanilla songs from the records (music discs) with some Sea Shanties
    The following is a list of what discs play what;
    wait- The Good Ship Venus (explicit)
    ward- Leave her Johnny
    strad- Santy Anno
    stal- Ye Jacobites
    mellohi- Bold RumJacker
    mall- Down with the Ship (Explicit)
    chirp- The Leaving of Liverpool
    11- Spanish Ladies
    13- Drunken Sailor
    blocks- 15 Men on a Deadmans Chest
    cat- I’se the B’y
    far- A Pirates life for me

    Cheers! And enjoy listening to the songs,


    This is the link to the zip file of my resource pack on dropbox;




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    awesome, where does one get these here shanties?

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    Im still working on how to share it properly, I think dropbox might work but I have never used it before

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    Blu Pearson
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    Thanks BobbyJoe is also a good place for storing and sharing files. Yargh, cant wait to get me ‘ands on em.

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    This is awesome! Maybe this idea could work in concert with Nicky’s paintings suggestion as part of a server texture pack?

    Cool idea bobby 🙂

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    Ahoy thar lad! I’ve made my own custom pack years ago with the base textures using DokuCraft from 3 years ago, but since I’ve come back.

    I changed the base textures to Mizuno, I’ve edited the CD’s into shanties as well! I also changed the bow into a flintlock with the sounds to a pistol shot, but I havent changed the arrow to a bullet because that would be hard to see, so if you have any ideas you could tell me, feel free.

    I changed the paintings to some pirate ones but I took them from a different resourcepack, so I have no right over it there, but I could remake it myself. Just didn’t feel like it XD

    (I only used it for personal use so far because the painting texture isn’t mine, so didn’t know whether to show this to people)

    Hey Bobby, maybe we both can work together on this!

    (I can provide instructions to anyone who’d like to make these changes to the default resourcepack, or even change them myself and post it!)


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    I think it could @browe, I would just have to learn how to put it in. I’ll give it a shot ;D

    Even if I can’t, it can be downloaded separately whether if it is when you join Piratecraft or by yourself and be compatible with any resource pack.

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    I know this is super late but im going to bundle these into an actual official piratecraft texture pack keep an eye on the fourms

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    Make sure the server texture pack is ‘low fire’ Gods. Then all the pvpers may use it too.

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    • Topics: 794
    • Replies: 3343
    • Total: 4137
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    Make sure the server texture pack is ‘low fire’ Gods. Then all the pvpers may use it too.

    It is from the very first version.

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