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    Hello folks,

    Just to make everyone aware, player Wiskey_waters has several scam signs at /warp shop. His shop, s79, claims to sell “a slightly used dia ful set” for £100. In reality, this is a set of used leather armor named “diamond {piece of armor}.” He also sells spawn eggs for only £100! This actually just sells normal chicken eggs. There is also a lottery [device] sign that claims you can win diamonds through a lottery. It has been tested and if there are any diamonds, they are at the very end of it.

    Again his shop is s79 at /warp shop1

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    Thank you for the warning Astro!


    Good to see common sense (and good ol’ scamming pirates ; -) ) still exists on PirateCraft!

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    Lesson learned don’t trust anyone.

    Yes I Might be a noob but I will never give up on killing everyone.

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    Looks like this is in the market, If I remember tonight ill bin the shop.

    Alvanos Morvothril
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    Image result for morrowind we're watching you<b></b><i></i><u></u>

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