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    So recently I stole a rather nice frigate and sailed it off to a safer spot to start customizing it. I replaced most of the wood with Acacia wood and the hull from sandstone. I wanted this ship to look like it was made by a civilization that lives mostly in hot temperatures/deserts and well…I found out that sandstone isn’t allowed on ships. I was wondering if maybe, sandstone could get added?


    EDIT: Also, I forgot to add that, could the other sandstone-related blocks be added? (Chiselled sandstone, smooth sandstone, sandstone slabs and sandstone stairs. I don’t think I missed any? Oh and plus Red Sandstone related blocks!)

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    “Can I have a ship made of sand?” no? I dont think I need to explain why this is a bad idea, sand or sandstone!

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    What? No, not sand. Sandstone is a solid and normal block like stonebrick or cobblestone…but it has a rather brighter look to it. I don’t want a ship made out of sand, but I want sandstone to be on my ship. There’s nothing really unique about sandstone at all besides it’s similarity to stonebrick when it comes to having different kinds of sandstone blocks such as chiselled or smooth sandstone.


    I really am confused now though about the problem with sandstone? It looks nice and isn’t really unique as far as I know in function. Sand? Yeah, I can see the problem. But not sandstone.


    EDIT: If you’re confused about what I mean, here’s a quick little video about sandstone:


    Here’s red sandstone:


    But really it’s just a basic building block for structures such as desert temples. People use obsidian and stonebrick on their ships, so I figure I would give mine a bit more unique look to match the tower I’ve been building (made of sandstone).

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    its a good idea but i think we should first focus on getting the 1.8 blocks on the ships :/ were almost in the 1.9 and we still dont have them…..


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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