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    Hello guys I’m romich and I made a beatiful taver with my friend Paul in the locker so bad player will drink my famous Cactus juice and sit on my cactus chairs πŸ˜€ It’s a good place. I love listen the Sand sound with Paul. We drink a lot of cactus juice.

    Day 1: when I was running in the desert I saw Paul and we became friends we started talking and we decided to make our taver like true italian pirates.

    Day 10: the taver is finaly completed and we are so happy Paul told me a secret.

    Day 15 I finaly understand how to make Cactus juice from sand (?) and Paul is happy

    Day 20 My taver is so empy only me and Paul are drinking our cola (?)

    Day 26 Paul seems dead but It’s ok he is only a stick (?)

    Day 31 I think I’ll leave this place soon

    Day 32 I can’t leave this place it’s so relaxing

    Day 33 Bring me away!

    Day 34 I saw Paul in my taver but he is dead (?)

    Day 35 I must go ou

    This is the story how I met my friend Paul and I feel so bad leaving Locker without my friend is possible to bring Paul from locker to Normal world?

    you can see Romch drinking his Cactus Juice with his friend Paul

    You can also see Romich & Paul Taver with his cactus chairs

    Please help m

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    I'm Italian and I hate Pineapple pizza.
    Lego is a good toi.

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    Your nutty.

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    • Topics: 6
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    I don’t have nuts save me please

    I'm Italian and I hate Pineapple pizza.
    Lego is a good toi.

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    Why did you abandon Paul? 😱

    sUbScRiBe To ShOcKErBoY686

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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