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    My Username: <cool_ghoul666>
    Coordinates: <x-244 y70 z2,716 yaw 168.601 pitch 28.5> (Do /getpos in the claim)
    Claim owner: <FellowQuasar786> (Exact username, right click with a stick on the claim to obtain it, this will also show you the players offline time)
    Time the Claim owner has been offline: <1m 13days 11hours> (use /seen <username>)
    Claim Size: <9×9=81> (Right click with stick)
    Reason: <my claim area sarounds it>


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    Not really long enough to get a claim revoked, plus your reason is somewhat against the rules.

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    well nothing has been done to the land thats claimed and i didnt see anything in the rules about it? O_o there is some other claims in the area that eather havnt been built on or are just holes in the ground =/ i was trying to build a docking port / shop area iv already added trees with help from my nabor as there was no trees at all in the area tbh it just looks dead
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    Why remove it, i am a very good friend of his and i know just about everyfriend he has and he as not build stuff near other people.

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